Cafe Chat: Citizens of Chelsea

    Filled with lots of plants, vibrant colors, and delicious food, Citizens of Chelsea is one of my new favorite brunch spots in the city. Citizens is “an Australian cafe group” with 2 locations: Citizens of Chelsea and Citizens of Gramercy. I recently had brunch at Citizens of Chelsea with some friends visiting the city, and we had a great time.



    When my friends and I visited there was a 45-minute wait, which is to be expected for an aesthetically pleasing brunch spot on a Saturday in NYC. We left a contact number and they updated us periodically on the seat availability. Once we received the notification that we could be seated, everything else was very quick. As we were sitting a server came up to us and took our drink orders, which came out a few minutes later. My one friend and I ordered hot chocolates (which we loved, it was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!) and our other friend ordered a coffee which he really enjoyed as well. Then we ordered our food - ironically we all ordered the Pulled Pork Benny - and we weren’t waiting long before it came out.



Photo Credit: @citizens.of


    The Pulled Pork Benny, pictured above on the upper right-hand corner, is described on their menu as being a “crispy smashed potato with barbeque pulled pork, 2 poached eggs, chipotle hollandaise, and scallions”. I thought that it was delicious and the perfect portion size, I was full for the rest of the day. Although it was very crowded, we were still able to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing interior of the cafe while we ate. The prices were typical for brunch in NYC ($14 for the Pulled Pork Benny and $4.50 for the hot chocolate), and with how good the food was and the quick service despite being so busy, I personally thought that it was worth it. I loved my time at Citizens of Chelsea - the food was great, the staff was very friendly and helpful, and the space was very welcoming. Overall I had a very nice experience there, I can’t wait to go back and visit soon!



Citizens of Chelsea Location: 401 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001