The Best Ways To Bond With Your Roommates


When I first moved into my college dorm and met my roommates for the first time, it was very exciting! I had talked to my new roommates over the phone and we had messaged back and forth, but none of us had actually met each other in person until the day we moved in together. At first we were all quiet and kept to ourselves, but it didn't take long for us to open up and get to know each other.


Now my roommates are like my little New York City family. The four of us are all very different and come from very different backgrounds, but we work well together. Sure we butt heads sometimes, but what family doesn't? We have already done so many exciting things together and we have made lots of memories!




One of my personal favorite memories was my birthday dinner. For my birthday, the girls and I got all dressed up and traveled downtown to a super fancy New York City restaurant. It was one of those places that was so extravagant, you can't help but wonder what celebrities have sat in your very seat. Doing little things with my roomies on our birthdays makes us feel special and brings us closer together.


Gossip Around The Dinner Table


There is nothing like sitting around our little table and talking about all of the juicy gossip in our lives. Whether it be about the current campus drama, all the boys we knew in high school, or the crazy experiences we all had while growing up, sitting down with the girls and just talking is one of my favorite things about college. Belly laughing so hard that I cry is definitely the best medicine to get me through stressful school work and college life. Sitting around and talking up a storm with my roommates is not only fun and hilarious, but it brings us much closer together.




Being in New York City, my roommates and I have a lot of new places to explore! We like to venture out and experience all New York has to offer. Some of my favorites so far include seeing Broadway shows, trying fun new foods, and having photo shoots all around the city. Going out into the city with my roommates and seeing new things has created some amazing memories that we all will remember forever.



My roommates and I have had so many experiences; from getting lost in the subway, figuring out how to bake brownies in our toaster oven, prank calling their exes, having picnics in Central Park, and so much more! The list is endless and we are still making more memories constantly. Becoming close with my roommates has been the best part of my college experience because now I get to share all my experiences with a group of girls who support each other and bring out the best in one another.