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The Best Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is the actual worst holiday if you are not in a relationship. It’s an endless collage of Instagram posts showcasing everyone with their “bae”, brunch specials for couples everywhere, and of course the rows of cards in stores. It’s annoying. That is why I have compiled this list of movies to watch on Valentine’s Day if you are single and just having a night to yourself or with other single friends. So order that heart shaped Dominoes pizza and bust open that bottle of wine.

My Bloody Valentine

For everyone who wants to see happy couples actually ripped apart, why not pop in a horror film this V-Day and watch Jensen Ackles fight off a serial killer. This one will totally make you happy you are single seeing how the killer only target couples.

Why Did I Get Married?

Such a Tyler Perry guilty pleasure! This film stars Janet Jackson (Yes! The Janet Jackson) as a therapist who convinces her married couple friends to go to a retreat in the middle of the woods in order to talk about all their issues. Watching this makes you realize that being in a rush to get married may not be the best thing to be thinking about right now.

Ever After

Drew Barrymore’s take on the classic Cinderella story is so fun and enjoyable that you won’t even care that she finds true love in the end. The whole time you will be staring at the elegant costumes, hating the stepmother who is literally awful in this version, and rooting for the underdog, Jaqueline. This fairy tale ending is enough to give you hope this Valentine’s Day that true love does exist.

Easy A

Emma Stone is perfection. The modern telling of “The Scarlet Letter” is not only a fantastic, quotable teen movie but also one of self-discovery. It reminds us to not follow the crowd, be ourselves, and in the end regardless of whether you are with someone or not, loving yourself is the real #RelationshipGoals.

Valentine’s Day

The ultimate “so bad, it’s good” ensemble movie about intertwining love stories that are all taking place on you guessed it, Valentine’s Day. It’s fun, airy, and I’m sure you can find at least one character that is semi-relatable. As my friend says, “Valentine’s Day is the only acceptable day to watch this movie.”

 The Notebook

Let’s be honest, everyone who is single deserves a good cry on Valentine’s Day. Not in an “I feel bad for myself" way but more in a “watch a sad movie” way. The Notebook is the ultimate Valentine’s Day movie it has everything one needs: romance, tears, Rachel McAdams. It’s an essential viewing of all people on this holiday.


Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the worst thing in the world. Honestly, it’s the best for many reasons. One of which is that you get that whole pizza to yourself and second you get to pick the movie. So settle in and don’t worry about finding love, it’ll come at it’s own time.

Marymount Manhattan College senior who has an unhealthy obsession with TV, film, and binge watching.
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