The Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts and Dates on a Budget

Though saying “no” to chocolate or flowers may not be in our dictionary, sometimes we’d like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a little more special way. Whether you’re on a budget or just want to show your affection with a personal, handmade gift, here are twenty unique ideas to make your partner feel loved this February 14th.

10 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your SO

  1. A scrapbook.


2. A Basket of Their Favorite Candy.

3. A picture frame with a picture of you and your SO.


4. A nice homemade dinner.


5. A mixtape CD of their favorite songs / songs that have significant meaning to your relationship.


6. Write them a love letter.


7. A jar of reasons why you love them.


8. Write a bunch of “Open When…” letters.


9. A gift for each of the senses.


10. Plan a date for every month of the year.



10 Valentine’s Day Dates on a Budget

  1. Go ice skating and drink hot chocolate.



2. See the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

3. Have dinner and dessert at home.

4. Order your favorite take-out.

5. Go to a karaoke bar.


6. Play games at an arcade.


7. Go to a museum.

8. Go roller-skating.

9. Build a blanket fort and watch a movie in it.


10. Have a game night.



With these ideas of dates and gifts for your SO, you are bound to have a great holiday!