Be Better to the Planet with These 7 Reusable Products

As the global conversation towards sustainability continues to shape how we shop and live our day-to-day lives, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the responsibility to reduce harmful impacts and take care of mother nature is one we all share. Luckily, changing your habits is easier than one would think, especially with all the eco-friendly products available that allow you to show off how convenient, and even chic it can be to go waste-free. 


Need help getting started? Here’s 7 everyday objects turned sustainable to get your collection going.


  1. 1. Starbucks Cups

    Bringing coffee to 8:30 class is a must, but throwing away paper and plastic cups every day certainly is not.

  2. 2. Stainless Steel Straws

    Do tuck one in your everyday school or work bag. 

    Don’t forget to bring it with you out of town.

  3. 3. Utensil Kit

    Spare the disposable plastic cutlery and pull these out at the lunch table instead.

  4. 4. Reusable Grocery Bags

    Planning a trip to the store? Not without these in hand.

  5. 5. Reusable Snack Bags

    Snacks on the go, but make it sustainable.

  6. 6.  Swedish Dishcloths

    Cut excessive paper towel use by using a reusable cloth for a quick tidying up.

  7. 7. Shampoo Bars

    All the beauty, none of the plastic.

With a couple of simple switches, you’ll find making meaningful choices is like a breath of fresh air. New York is catching up, and soon, it’ll start to click for everyone else. Do your part to be good and be the inspiration to make eco-conscious the new norm.