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There’s something so special about handwriting. It’s so personal and unique to each individual, I now understand why a hand-written “Thank You” note is so meaningful. The individual took time out of their day to put their thoughts down on paper specially for you. I feel that handwriting is an underappreciated art, maybe because it’s so mundane, especially in the current digital age. As more and more people turn to their digital devices for tasks such as making their to-do lists, fewer and fewer people write things by hand. Although it is fading I don’t think digital will ever take over completely, because there’s an element to handwriting that typing simply doesn’t have: depth. There’s so much behind one’s handwriting, a subtle look as to who they are as a person. Handwriting is unique to each person, and there’s something really beautiful in that. It’s something digital will never have, and that is both a comforting and reassuring sentiment. 


I wrote this in my journal one evening when I took notice of my handwriting on my “To-Do” list for the next day. A few weeks after writing this journal entry, I posted a photo of it on Instagram with the simple caption “The Art Of Handwriting ?,” which is also the title of the piece. I was surprised by the seemingly immediate feedback I received on the post – surprisingly high engagement for an aesthetically pleasing photo I took & decided to post in the moment to my meticulously curated feed – and in my comments, so many people shared their love for handwriting as well. It’s interesting how something as simple as the act of writing in a notebook can hold such meaningful sentiment and is another example of how much beauty is around us in the simplicity of our daily routines. 

Olivia Marrone is a senior at Marymount Manhattan College, majoring in Business with a concentration in Fashion Marketing & minoring in Digital Journalism. Marrone's writing primarily focuses on fashion & lifestyle journalism, with concentrations in style inspiration, social media & life in New York City. Along with writing, she is also passionate about photography, fashion, art, & traveling. She is currently based in New York City.        
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