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Applying To Internships: Tough But Exciting

I’m in my sophomore year of college, so you know what that means: applying to internships! I am excited to be looking and applying but at the same time, there is no reservation of toughness. I want to be a Broadcast Journalist, so in turn, my major is Digital Journalism. I have been searching and applying to various journalism internships for this summer, and have disappointingly already been rejected from quite a few. I am not letting this get me down though because I knew this would happen like it would for anyone adamantly applying. No internship application journey is complete without some rejections. It’s just a bummer, however, because I was rejected from two specifically that, either one of them, would have been such amazing opportunities and experiences for me in the field I want to go into. 


Despite this, there is not a shortage of internship opportunities, and I have applied to over twenty to try and give myself a better chance. So far, I have had two video interviews, and they were both last month. I haven’t heard anything back yet, and both say on the applications “under consideration” and have been for weeks now. I am crossing my fingers for those ones, and hopefully, I will get to the next stage in the process. 


I was talking to my mom the other day about internships and she brought up a great point about how I should not only continue to apply to internships in the journalism field but also expand my search. Production internships, communication internships, social media internships, etc. I am planning to apply to The Today Show this summer for a shot at being one of the fall interns, and I will also be applying to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! Despite his show not being news-oriented, I would still be getting an amazing sense of how production goes, writing for a show and so many other aspects. I am excited to put my hat in the ring for those. When I was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon in February of last year during his Subway Special, that was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I loved seeing how everything worked behind the scenes and how things ran so smoothly or not so smoothly leading to effective solutions. Interning for his show would be so amazing and I know I would enjoy every single second spent there. I need to continue to expand my search for possible internships because that will open up many more doors for me. 


The other day I attended the Annual Career Summit at MMC and I was connected to a news organization I had never heard of before. The representative at the Summit told us about the internships and after the event ended I immediately applied to 5 of them because they were news-oriented and sounded like they would be great. My search is continuing as the days go on, in hopes of snagging one for the summer, but if not, I would be very content with one for the fall too. I will be in person again, so more internships will be accessible to me, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Today Show, depending on what is allowed right now for The Today Show. This process is getting me more and more excited to eventually get into my dream career and even though the process is long and arduous, I am willing and determined to keep up the search. Crossing my fingers I get some great luck with the applications that I’ve submitted so far!

Double Major in Digital Journalism & Cinema, Television & Emerging Media with a Minor in International Studies NYC I'm always asked where I'm from and my answer should just become "all over the place" because I have moved so many times.
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