'American Idol' Throwback Pics From Ryan Seacrest That Will Make You LOL

American Idol has been around for fifteen years. Most of us can't even remember a time when American Idol didn't exist. Unfortunately, this coming week, the beloved series is coming to an end. With saddened fans all over the country, Idol host Ryan Seacrest has lifted our spirits and has #blessed us with some throwbacks throughout the season on his Instagram. Let's take a look:

King of Idol, Ryan Seacrest with the Queen of Idol, Kelly Clarkson. THAT HAIR!

Ryan on the first episode of the first season back in 2002 with co-host Brian Dunkleman and Ryan on the first episode of the farewell season

The elimination of Ryan's glasses was definitely the easiest ones for fans to see
Thumbs up for great style!
"If you look closely my sleeve spells out 'Regret' #tbt"- Ryan Seacrest (This one was too good to change) 
Ryan's grown older and his pants have grown tighter
Tune into the three night series finale this week April 5th, 6th, and 7th with Ryan, previous judges and previous contestants to reminisce about the past fifteen seasons and how American Idol has changed the face of music; and of course to see Trent, Dalton, and La'Porsha battle it out for the title of the next and last American Idol.