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All About Self-Publishing: From A Published Author

Hi, my name is stargirl (Shelby Hall) and I am a published author. I recently, in early February 2021, published my first full-length poetry book, ‘grey eyed’. I published it by myself with the help of Amazon’s self-publishing network, KDP. 


How to use KDP: 

  1. Search KDP Amazon 

  2. Log in with your Amazon account 

  3. Create a new project 

  4. Make your book into a page-by-page PDF/Word Doc on Word or Pages 

  5. Go through the questions asked on KDP about book size, color and all that jazz 

  6. Make sure your book is ready, with all text edited and photos/art included in your manuscript 

  7. Submit it to KDP for review, they will come back with any changes needed to be made (margins, spacing, etc.) 

  8. Once approved, you can go through to set your paperback and Kindle pricing and submit 

  9. Your book will be available online within a few days, you will get an email saying when it is live 

  10. You can buy author copies for a wholesale price on the KDP site and see analytics for your sales 

  11. Start promoting your project link so others can purchase your book! 


It’s truly a long process, for me it was 10 years in the making to get all of my work together and feel ready enough, but now that I have a finished product in my hand I feel so fulfilled. 


Buy ‘grey eyed’ by stargirl on Amazon if you’re into poetry 

MMC second-year senior, Venus Rising Blog owner and fashion journalist with a focus on sustainability.
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