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9 Things To Buy When Your Loan Money Hits


You know the feeling. When thousands of dollars seemingly drop out of the sky and into your near-empty bank account. It’s a glorious day, but it’s also a little overwhelming. There’s just so much you could buy! If you’re wondering what is worthy of your inaugural loan money purchase—besides textbooks, food, and a round of shots for your friends—here’s a list of nine things that you definitely need.

A coloring book filled with quotes a quirky designs to take your mind off the stress of the semester..


And a crayon collection that’s even better than the 64 pack your parents never let you buy.


A hello fresh membership to keep you from eating pizza every day of the week.  


A bestselling book that isn’t listed on your syllabus. Guaranteed to be a little more interesting.


This adorable blazer to take your business casual to the next level.


These stemless wine glasses that already has your priorities in order.



This alarm clock that will make sure you never sleep through a glass again. Plus, it looks cool.

The candle to end all fall scented candles. So even if you haven’t had a chance to clean your room in a month, at least it will smell good.

And finally, this blanket that is basically a giant sweater waiting for you after a long day of class.

Campus Correspondent at HC MMM. Communications student in NYC.  Instagram: @sara.capucilli
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