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The 9 O.C. Episodes You Need To Stream Immediately

Here we go! All four seasons of the beloved 2000s hit The O.C. are now streaming online thanks to the CW Seed. Since midterms are happening and you likely can’t spend endless hours watching the beloved foursome be awesome (bummer, we know) we’ve compiled a list of the most essential O.C. episodes. They are all essential in our opinion, but these 9 should get you started. For your most enjoyable reading experience it is recommended that you play the below video — of the best theme song, like, ever — as you scroll through.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

“Premier” Season 1, Episode 1

The first episode of the show is one of the best. Ryan tells Marissa he’ll be whoever she wants him to be, the bromance that started all bromances begins with video games and cereal, and Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows make their first appearance. All good things.

“The Best Chrismukkah Ever” Season 1, Episode 13

Seth’s magical made up holiday — of eight days of presents followed by one day of many presents — makes its first appearance. Ryan officially becomes part of the Cohen family. Seriously, I’m still wiping the happy tears away.

“The Telenovela” Season 1, Episode 20

“Acknowledge me now or lose me forever.” Enough said.

“The Power of Love” Season 2, Episode 8

Sandy serenades Kirsten for their 20th wedding anniversary while friends and family watch at The Bait Shop. It will melt even the most non-romantic heart.

“The Rainy Day Women” Season 2, Episode 14

It’s the kiss that beats all kisses. Summer, fairly rudely, abandons Zach at the airport and comes rushing to Seth. Living in Southern California apparently doesn’t prepare you for any bit of rain so whilst Seth is attempting to fix the TV signal on the roof, wearing a Spiderman mask instead of a rain coat (that would be my fashion choice too), Summer comes rushing in yelling “Cohen!” in a way only she can. It’s perfect and wonderful.

“The Dearly Beloved” Season 2, Episode 24

Ryan finds out the truth surrounding the night that Trey attacked Marissa and he handles it, well, horribly. This leads to a crazy dramatic confrontation where Marissa shoots Trey while “Whatcha Say” plays in the background. Weird, I know.

“The End of Innocence” Season 3, Episode 3

Ryan and Marissa, fearing their imminent separation, sleep together for the first time. It’s all kinds of romantic and will make you ship them even more.

“The Graduates” Season 3, Episode 25

MARISSA DIES. Yes, really. Ryan and Marissa are in a horrible car crash right after their high school graduation and Marissa doesn’t survive. Ryan picks up Marissa and carries her away from the site of the crash while, surprise surprise, “Hallelujah” plays in the background.

“The End’s Not Near, It’s Here” Season 4, Episode 16

In the series finale Seth and Summer get married (finally!) and Ryan turns into a successful architect who helps a kid just like Sandy helped him. I don’t think a better ending to this iconic show could’ve been possible.

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