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Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it is time to indulge in all of the joys of the season. Everything seems to get better at Christmastime and television is no exception. If you are trying to celebrate in all aspects of your life, here are a few episodes to watch that will be sure to make your next binge session more jolly.


1. Pretty Little Liars, “How the A Stole Christmas”


Pretty Little Liars is always a favorite, and their one Christmas episode  did not disappoint. There was just the right amount of holiday nostalgia mixed with the mystery and suspense that PLL is known for. Fans of the show who are especially into the fashion will love the looks. The girl’s dazzling Winter Ball gowns are some of the standout designs from the entire series. The Liar’s Christmas dinner at the end of the episode will have you feeling all types of cozy and warm.


2. Glee, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”


Glee’s annual Christmas episode was always fantastic, but “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” takes the cake. The New Directions are asked to star in their local PBS station’s Christmas special and the result was incredible. With Kurt and Blaine hosting a “homage to The Star War’s Holiday Special and The Judy Garland Christmas Special”, the whole ambiance is toasty and warm, with just enough quirk to make it Glee. Watching this episode is, as Blaine says, “a truly ideal evening”.


3. Seinfeld, “The Strike”

The episode that introduced Festivus will always go down in infamy. If you are unfamiliar with the story, I highly recommend you educate yourself. The official website does a great job breaking it down. This episode must be revisited every year. A Festivus gathering of your own on December 23rd is not required, but certainly a great way to embellish your viewing experience.


4. Gilmore Girls, “The Bracebridge Dinner”


You can always count on the Gilmore girls for some witty and extremely enthusiastic holiday fun. Although all the Christmas episodes of this series are great, season two’s episode provides the most nostalgia and warmth. Lorelai invites her closest friends in Stars Hollow to a slumber party at the Independence Inn after the original plans for a Bracebridge dinner go awry. There is a Jess versus Dean fight, Paris intrudes on the event, and after Lorelai reluctantly invites Richard and Emily, they make a surprising announcement. It is certainly not light on drama, but the episode ends with Rory and Lorelai’s sleigh ride through the snowy town, reminding everyone that everything always works out in Stars Hollow.


5. Parks and Recreation, “Citizen Knope”

We can always count on Leslie Knope to serve some contagious exuberance, but when we get to season four’s Christmas special, she is serving a suspension from City Hall and trying to keep her campaign together despite a scandal tied to her name. In typical Leslie fashion, she forms a citizen’s action committee because being unable to work for the community is making her antsy. The rest of the Parks department struggles to find the perfect gift for Leslie. At the end of the episode, her suspension gets lifted and her friends present her gift—that they are here to serve as her campaign staff. This episode tugs on all the heartstrings as we see everyone band together for Leslie. A great episode to remind you of the true meaning of the holiday.


6. Friends, “The One With the Girl From Poughkeepsie”

This episode centers around Ross’ relationship dilemma; trying to decide whether or not he should date a woman that lives two hours away. Monica is having some trouble with her disrespectful staff, so Joey volunteers to pretend to work for her, and then have Monica fire him in front of everyone to prove that she is boss. Chandler tries to set Rachel up with one of his co-workers, not realizing that she does not want a serious relationship. As per usual, everyone’s plans end a bit crazily, but they all come together at the end at Central Perk to hear Phoebe’s newest holiday song; which she dedicates to her friends. That alone makes this episode worth adding to your list.


7. Friends, “The One Where Rachel Quits”


With a show so famous for it’s holiday specials, you cannot limit yourself to just one episode. In this season’s episode, Rachel decides to take Joey and Chandler ‘s advice and quit her job at Central Perk. Phoebe is traumatized when she comes to a harsh Christmas truth—that dead trees go into the chopper. Monica, Chandler and Joey decide to fill Monica’s apartment with lots of dead trees to surprise Phoebe. Ross’ plot is hysterical but also extremely touching. He accidentally breaks a Girl Scout’s leg, and spends the whole episode trying to sell enough cookies for her to get to her Space Camp. It is a cheery episode filled with lots of laughs and even more Christmas cheer.


8. Gossip Girl, “Roman Holiday”


There’s nothing better than Christmas on the Upper East Side. This episode serves up all the typical GG drama, with a holiday twist. Blair is caught off guard when her dad decides to bring his new lover to Christmas dinner. . Dan spends the episode trying to make Christmas perfect for Serena, who is staying at a hotel and cannot even have a tree, while Serena also struggles to find him the perfect gift. It is a sweet moment in their relationship for sure. There is also a Christmas party at the Waldorf’s. Need I say more?


9. Gilmore Girls, “Women of Questionable Morals”


I tried to keep it to one Gilmore Girl’s episode, but this one was way too sweet to not mention. Although it is not as Christmas-y as some of the others, it is winter themed and full of heartwarming spirit. The scene where Luke makes Lorelai her own ice rink to remind her of why she loves the snow screams Christmas cheer. This is an incredibly sweet episode for Luke and Lorelai’s relationship, and definitely worth adding to your binge list.


So, what are you waiting for? Get into your comfiest Christmas PJ’s , grab some cocoa and cookies, and start watching!



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