8 Must Have Items For Your Next Trader Joe's Haul

If you are a college student, you are probably well aware of the anomaly that is Trader Joe’s. With its vast array of products and its incredibly cheap prices, you can always count on this store to get you in and out with everything you need for the week without breaking the bank. The aisles are lined with staff donning impressive Hawaiian shirts, all with a huge smile plastered on their faces. How are they always so happy?

With all of its products under the Trader Joe’s name, you are guaranteed to find some quirky products that are exclusive to this store.  Here are some items that you must add to your next grocery list:


1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers

It's a chocolate chip cookie coated in chocolate and  carefully constructed for easy dunking. What more do you need?


2. Avocados

TJ’s offers the millennial staple food for only $1.29 per avocado. I have yet to find a consistently better price anywhere else in Manhattan.


3. Artisan Bagels

These tasty treats are bagel store quality, and come in an assortment of flavors. I prefer the seven grain, but you can't go wrong with any choice.


4. Turkey Meatballs

Delicious and convenient. Pop them in the microwave for three minutes and you have a nice pasta topper without any hassle.


5. French Macarons

These little French treats are the most perfect dessert. Take a few out of the freezer while you eat your dinner, and by the time you are done, they will have thawed to perfection for a sweet fix. Tres bonne!


6. Monterey Jack Sticks

The perfect snack! Pair it with some crackers for optimal enjoyment. 


7. Cocoa Glazed Roasted Almonds

A fun twist on the classic chocolate covered almond.

8. Brown Rice Marshmallow Treat

Like Rice Krispy treats, but... healthy?

Honestly, Trader Joe’s never disappoints, so have fun exploring the aisles. There are always fun new foods popping up, and grocery shopping in this magical place is never lacking in excitement. Happy shopping!