7 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Your Emotions Leading Up To Spring Break

Can we all collectively agree that the spring semester is SO.HARD. Like seriously, the month of February feels like a big ol' slap in the face. February's greatest concern is, "Am I gonna smack these college kids with snow or freezing rain on their mile long journey to class today?" Then comes March, who's bff is midterms (truly the world's worst duo). And let's be real for a hot sec, most of March's rain isn't coming from the sky — but the library, and the bathrooms, and the caf, and the commons, and the... well you get the point. BUT THEN COMES APRIL #ALLHAILAPRIL. Flowers start to bloom, prepsters unveil their pastels, and college kids go on spraaaang breaaak. But no matter how excited students get for break, the week leading up is always a little wonky. 


7. Spring Break is one week away... So close yet so far. 


6. Going home means parents. 

5. But also your bed. 


3. But then you remember there's an exam two days before break. 

2. So.Much.Packing.