7 Dynamic Duos From Your Fave Childhood TV Shows

Seven dynamic duos from our favorite childhood tv shows that you wanted to be friends with:

1. Cory & Shawn

Best friends since 1993, and still filling our lives with laughter

2. Kenan & Kel Whoooo loves orange soda?!

3. Spongebob & Patrick
Best friends, forever.
4. Drake & Josh
Opposites attract, right?!
5. DJ Tanner & Kimmy Gibbler
Seeing that they're still best friends & live together in 'Fuller House' brings our hearts so much joy. 
6. Otto & Twister
*woogity woogity woogity!*
7. Raven, Chelsea, & Eddie
Okay, this one is a trio, but who didn't want to be friends with them!?