6 Movies To Distract You From Midterms

Aren't you just so over studying? Step away from the books for just a sec. Relax and watch a movie. Here are a few movie suggestions that'll distract you from worrying about Professor Meyers' exam or that Principles & Theories stuff you can't seem to remember.

1) 10 Things I Hate About YouIf you've seen it already, you're probably itching to see it again. If you haven't seen it, put your textbook down and head to Netflix.


2) Charlie BartlettCharlie finds himself becoming the psychiatrist for the troubled student body.

3) NightcrawlerIf you're studying journalism, this is kind of like homework then. Jake Gyllenhaal will give you goosebumps & he'll do anything to get the story.

4) CrossroadsStop everything and watch Britney.

5) Men, Women, & ChildrenIt's a pretty interesting movie that touches on how our generation handles social media and technology and what it's doing to us. HerCampus MMM has a movie review here.

6) Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitIt's post-9/11 and Chris Pine's character uncovers a financial terrorist plot.


After you watch a flick or two (or maybe all of them if you're a real MVP) you should probably get back to studying. Good luck on midterms!