6 Green Things You Should Have In Your Home

To be completely honest, green is not even close to being one of my favorite colors. But there’s something about it that is so refreshing, calming, and energizing. Regardless of your apartment/dorm color scheme you should definitely incorporate the following items into your living space. It *will* change your life.

A Large Plant

A common misconception about small living spaces is adding all small items. Adding height to a room can make it feel so much larger because you draw the eyes up. To wake up and see greenery projects a serene environment. BTW, this can totally be fake.



Let me get straight to the point. Matcha is calming, relaxing, energizing, and anti-aging all in one. Need I say more?


I honestly don’t need to explain this but here are some sexy ideas: avocado toast, facemasks, and guac.


SpinachTBH this is the easiest type of leafy green to consume in a hefty amount (unlike kale). It tastes like nothing so you can add it to everything and it won’t ruin your meal.


This is so refreshing to add to any tea, lemonade, or smoothie.

A Tiny Cactus

Placing a small cactus on your desk/work space can make you more focused. No really, science has proved it. Also it is ridiculously hard to kill a cactus, like it would have to be your mission of the month.  

These simple quick green items will vamp up your life.


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