5 Podcast to Listen to Over Summer

This summer while you are chilling at the beach, exploring new things, or simply just being lazy at home, listen to these great podcasts on Spotify! They are a great way to get a good story and pass the time while relaxing in your off months!



  1. “The Daily”

    Podcast are a great way to get a lot of information quickly; this makes them great for getting your news. When you don’t have time to sit down and read the news to find out what craziness happened in the world that day, then you can just pop in your headphones and listen to a news podcast. One of my favorite news podcast is “The Daily” by, The New York Times. There's a new podcast episode uploaded every day and each episode focuses on just one event in the news and gives you a lot of information on the event.



2. “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me”

    Another great news podcast is “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me” by, NPR. This podcast covers lots of events that happen in the news for the entire week. It is interesting because the host talk through the podcast like a game show and guest callers have to answer quiz question about what happened in the news to see if they have been getting all the right information. It's fun and casual and a great way to get your weekly news briefing.



3. “How To Be A Girl”

I found the podcast “How To Be A Girl” by, Marlo Mack on Spotify one day and I completely fell in love with it. It is about a mother and her young transgender daughter. This podcast is so heartfelt and it has changed my perspective on how I think about other people. Growing up I was not exposed to the transgender community and I did not know very much about it. This podcast has answered many of the questions that I was too afraid to ask and it has also taught me so much more when it comes to simply treating all people as real genuine people and with respect.


4. “This Is Why You're Single”

    A fun podcast that is perfect to listen to this summer while tanning on the beach is, “This Is Why You're Single” by, Laura Lane and Angela Spara. This podcast is hilarious and super fun and girly. It talks about #girlproblems. Everything from crazy first dates to deep life lessons. The podcast is very Cosmopolitan and it is great when you need some girl time and maybe a good laugh.  


5. “Kalyn’s Coffee Talk”

    Finally, my absolute favorite podcast to listen to on Spotify is “Kalyn’s Coffee Talk” by, Kalyn Nicholson. Kalyn is a Youtuber and I have been watching her videos for a long time now. She is super sweet and full of great advice. She just recently started releasing podcast and they definitely do not disappoint! She releases her podcast every Monday so it is a perfect way to start your week with some advice on how to conquer the world and live your best life. Kalyn is one of my biggest inspirations and I highly recommend that you check out her Youtube channel, podcasts, and blog!


Happy listening and happy summer!!