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The 5 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Can Bring Into Winter

For many, Instagram is a go-to source for fashion inspiration. Many print magazines are losing their significance in influence over their readership, and instead previously loyal magazine subscribers are now keeping up with the trends in a much quicker way: through Instagram influencers. The popularity in influencers lies in their abilities to take seemingly obscure or bold pieces and showcase them in a way that is easy to emulate in everyday life. This fall season fashion on Instagram saw a shift, moving from two-piece sweat sets to more structured looks that don’t compromise comfort for style. Although we are now moving into the winter months, the same style philosophy applies. Here are the top 5 fashion trends on Instagram from Fall 2020 that you can easily bring into your wardrobe this winter season:


1. Sweater Vests


No longer a piece solely worn by your grandparents, the sweater vest was one of the earliest adopted trends of the fall/winter season on Instagram. With lighter knit versions of the layering piece popping up around September, as the season has progressed the sweater vest has been worn in many different colors, prints, and styling techniques. From pairing it over a t-shirt with a pleated skirt and Vans to having a big turtleneck and being worn over a button-up shirt with leather trousers and boots, this trend is one that is good to have in your wardrobe even if it’s just to have as an extra layer for the chilly winter months.


2. Heeled Western Boots (Preferably w/ a Pointed or Square Toe)


The perfect “in-between” boot for dressy and casual occasions, Western-style boots with pointed or square toes have been one of the top boots of the season. Popularly seen on Instagram paired with some flared jeans, just about any style top, and a baguette bag, “these boots are made for walking” and for getting you through the Fall/Winter 2020 season in serious style. Getting a pair with either a pointed or square toe is a subtle touch but adds another layer of chic to your entire look. 


3. Bootcut Jeans


Perfect to pair with your new Western-style boots, bootcut jeans have been all over Instagram this season. Often paired with sneakers such as Adidas Superstars in addition to boots, these jeans give off a relaxed vibe while still remaining fitted. This style of jeans is also very popular with the modern 80s revival currently happening on Instagram and in the indie/alternative rock scene. With this style of pants, preferably high-waisted, adding a belt will give you the modern 80s vibe while also adding structure to balance out these looser fitting jeans.


4. Pleated Skirts


Popularly paired with a sweatshirt layered over a collared shirt with a pair of sneakers, this style skirt has been all over the feeds of Instagram bloggers. Available in a variety of different price points, silhouettes, materials, and colors, this skirt is a piece you can easily bring into winter. Simply pair your pleated skirt with some tights, a sweater, some boots, and a big coat, and you’re able to continue looking on-trend while also staying warm this winter.


5. Oversized Blazers


The 80s blazers are back in style, but not in a way that’s too bold of a statement jacket. Oversized blazers are great because they pair well with everything and instantly elevate an outfit. Popular styles in the past few months are paired with sweat sets, ankle socks, & chunky sneakers, over a blouse & skirt paired with knee-high boots, and over a crop top with boot cut or flared jeans with Converse. Another great layering piece, this is a trend that’s actually a good one to invest in because it’s a pretty classic look that you’ll be glad you have in your wardrobe for years to come. 


These pieces are all able to transition from fall to winter so seamlessly because both seasons require you to master the art of layering, and by incorporating these pieces into your closet you’ll be a pro in no time. While winter is often a season where fashion can become repetitive, by opting for these pieces you’ll instantly elevate your winter wardrobe and get to enjoy these trends a little bit longer.

Olivia Marrone is a senior at Marymount Manhattan College, majoring in Business with a concentration in Fashion Marketing & minoring in Digital Journalism. Marrone's writing primarily focuses on fashion & lifestyle journalism, with concentrations in style inspiration, social media & life in New York City. Along with writing, she is also passionate about photography, fashion, art, & traveling. She is currently based in New York City.        
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