4 Ways to Find Gratitude in Everyday Life

It's gratitude month!!! This year I have welcomed it with open arms. It is easy to get caught up in the sadness and hatred encompassing our world and living in a big city like NYC makes it even easier. I think it is important to remember to fill our hearts with gratitude each day. By doing this, life will be more joyful! If we have a heart full of gratitude everyday it will help open our eyes to all of the good life truly does have to offer! 

In a lot of ways that is easier said than done. You might be asking yourself… but how? How can I find gratitude in everyday life once Thanksgiving and the holiday season die down? How can I be grateful when everything seems difficult right now?

  1. 1. Be grateful for the simple things in life.

    My advice would be to start with the small things in life. Being grateful doesn’t always have to be an acknowledgement of big and important things. It can be as simple as being grateful for the opportunity to wake up and live another day. 

  2. 2. Start a gratitude journal

    There is so much to be thankful for. One thing that has helped me find gratitude in everyday life would be to write it down. On the days that are a more challenging or chaotic, it helps to take a step back and really point out those things that blessed you that day. I am a firm believer that if you write it down you will remember it. As writing down what your grateful for becomes a habit, so will remembering to be grateful. 

  3. 3. Listen to inspirational music

    It seems that in the moments of anxiety and depression, gratitude is what is needed most. One thing that helps me fill my heart with gratitude is listening to inspirational music. Music is one thing that speaks to me and calms me down. It reminds me to take a deep breath and appreciate this crazy life we get to live

  4. 4. Express your gratitude to others

    Along with writing things down, I am a firm believer in saying it verbally. One way that we can find gratitude in everyday life is by expressing it to others. If you are grateful for someone, say it. If you appreciate their help then tell them. I am also a big fan of thank you cards. I have found that if I write a thank you card to someone often, I am more understanding towards others. In one way or another we are all dealing with our own struggles. It is important to let others know you are there for them and grateful for all that they do.

The holiday season can be overwhelming and our to-do list can seem never ending, but as we look for the good, acknowledge the blessings, and fill our hearts with gratitude the stress will seem lighter. The days will be more joyful. There is so much to be grateful for! I promise that if you look for it, you will find it.