3 Vegetarian Friendly Winter Recipes

I went vegetarian last March, right as the pandemic hit. I was, before, mostly vegetarian, but I decided to go in completely and allow for this lifestyle change to take place. I have discovered so many new recipes, substitutes and foods on my almost 1-year journey and winter foods might be my favourite yet. The learning experience has been tough, but well worth it for these yummy warm foods. Winter has allowed me to take on hardy, full course meals. Here are three vegetarian friendly recipes for the rest of winter and winters to come. 

Fried Rice

I have decided that I truly love to cook this fall/winter and fried rice was something I wanted to learn and picked up quickly. I start by cooking my rice, about a cup and a half, in my instant pot, but stovetop or rice cooker works too! I then wash broccoli and carrots (occasionally adding corn and peas) and chop them up for easier biting. While the rice is cooking, about 12 minutes, I add the veggies of choice to a pan with some olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic and fry them until it’s getting pretty loud. I then add in about half a cup to a cup of water and let it simmer until the water evaporates. I cook 2 eggs on the side while the other two parts sit and then I mix everything together in my veggie pan, adding more soy sauce and sesame oil to taste and allowing everything to get lightly crispy. Afterwards, I plate it and top it with sriracha, but that’s a personal preference and not necessary if you do not prefer it. 

Oat-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Add a cup of oats, 1 egg or egg substitute, ½ tsp baking powder, ½ tsp cinnamon, ¼ tsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar or sugar substitute, ¼ cup oil, 2 tbsp dairy-free yogurt (regular yogurt is okay too, but I’m lactose-intolerant) and a dash of vanilla into a blender. Blend it all together until smooth and fold in chocolate chips or your choice of chocolate. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes. 

Multi-Berry Smoothie.

Blend until smooth a handful of frozen strawberries and one of blueberries, a frozen banana (or half depending on blender size and preference), a few spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt, a dash of oat milk and some chia seeds. You can add a handful of spinach for added greens and it’s just as good. 


These recipes are what have been getting me through winter and keeping me healthy. They are simple, casual and nice to your body! Enjoy!