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3 Outfit Ideas For The First Day Of Classes


Outfit planning is something I take very seriously. Ask my roommates and they will tell you all about how I carefully layout an outfit on top of my dresser every night. So yeah, this is the kind of thing I think about probably more than most people, but I’m definitely not ashamed of it. In fact, last semester I made a commitment with myself to start experimenting with my outfits a little more. To me, one of the most satisfying things is when I wear different pieces together for the first time and it actually turns out to be a look.


Now that the new semester is quickly approaching I’ve been thinking about all the potential outfits I could wear for the first day of classes. I know that for me, and for many, nothing boosts my confidence like an outfit I feel great in.


Hopefully, this can be a helpful guide through the process of taking a bunch of clothes out of your closet, scattering them everywhere, and trying everything on – I know everyone does it.



The Key Players:




I’m a huge fan of wearing casual dresses to school, or when I’m out and about in the city. A solid color T-shirt dress, denim button-up dress, or a lightweight floral dress are all great options that can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. Wear a dress with sneakers for a more casual approach, or with a pair of sandals if you feel like dressing up.




A classic high-rise denim or faux suede skirt is a great piece to build an outfit around, and the silhouette looks great on anyone. A mini skirt can be a very versatile piece when you start experimenting with different tops. Try a solid color tee, patterned shirt, or tank top. Plus, the beauty of a casual skirt is that you can wear any type of shoe with it.



Okay, this sounds obvious and some might say it’s too warm for jeans in September, but stay with me here. Back to school is a great time to sport those ripped light wash mom jeans and pastel-colored ankle jeans you probably won’t be wearing during the harsh winter months. A great pair of jeans is perfect with a simple top and sneakers or with a blouse and flats.


Dressing for school is completely different when you’re city living, but if you go to school here, you probably already know and love that. Here’s to college street style in NYC and whatever you decide to wear to class, own it.



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