2018 Fall Favorites

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then autumn would be the magic hour." - Victoria Erickson.


It appears as though fall is *finally* in full swing here in New York as we gear up for cool, crisp weather, and transition into a seasonal New Year! What is a seasonal New Year you ask? It’s what I like to think of as the transformative period in which we shed the habits of seasons past (in our case, summer) and start anew in every aspect from setting new goals for ourselves to what we keep in our closets. Below I’ll be sharing with you the product of my personal Seasonal New Year. This list ranges from beauty products, to media favorites, to restaurants that I’ve been enjoying this season! Without further adieu, here are my 2018 fall favorites!




The Haunting of Hill House


Spooky season aside, anyone who knows me can vouch for my love of scary movies and TV shows! Coming across the Netflix original series, The Haunting of Hill House was a pleasant surprise, and amidst the Halloween season no less! This genuinely frightening series is based upon the childhood paranormal encounters of the siblings who resided in Hill House, and how the frightening entity has followed them into their adult lives. The storyline has so many intricately laced details that add a great deal of depth to the otherwise terrifying elements of the series. If you enjoy mysteries, horror, and psychological films/shows, this one is for you!


Youtuber Hailey Reese

Another favorite of mine this fall is Youtuber, Hailey Reese! She covers a broad range of paranormal topics, myths and legends, true crime, and story times that never cease to be entertaining. Her bright bubbly personality and care for her subscribers is also super refreshing and incredibly personal. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the paranormal community, or are even just interested in hearing a spooky story or two, check out her channel here!


Handpicked: Simple, Sustainable, and Seasonal Flower Arrangements

There’s absolutely nothing (*nothing*) I love more than a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers! Being an art student with a previous background in design, my love for flowers has lead me to delve into the vast world of floral arrangements! This book by Brooklyn-based florist Ingrid Carozzi is my go-to for inspiration on seasonal arrangements. Although this semester has proven to be busy, I find myself reaching for this book often, as her words on technique in creating modern, original, and organically styled arrangements are priceless. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or a beginner interested in floristry, this book is golden and gives instructions on creating over 30 arrangements.  

Fall Spotify Playlist (By yours truly!)

A totally awesome thing about the fall is that artists are constantly releasing new music! Click here to listen to a playlist full of new tunes I’m enjoying currently!




Glossier Cloud Paint - Dusk, Haze

As someone with dry skin, I tend to lean towards skincare/makeup routines that hydrate my skin and leave it with somewhat of a glowy finish. The Glossier cloud paints in Dusk (a cool peach) and Haze (a rich berry color) are my go-to blushes for fall! I enjoy their liquid (as opposed to a powder or cream) texture and admire that the pigmented formula stays put all day. They’re also beautiful as a pop of color on the eyelid or on top of lip balm! You can purchase it online here or visit their flagship store located at, 123 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013


Glossier - Lash Slick Mascara

As someone with particularly (and annoyingly) watery eyes, I find myself being very picky when choosing mascaras, that is if I choose to wear one at all. I decided recently to try the Glossier Lash Slick mascara and was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy wearing it! The formula is very rich but not in an “I’m about to make your lashes a goopy, clumpy mess if your eyes water at all!” type of way. In fact, I found that throughout the day my eyes felt practically weightless which is a golden element in a mascara for me as I get really bothered if I can feel the makeup I wear. Although slightly pricier than a drugstore mascara, I totally love this formula and will gladly purchase another tube (no matter what the season)! You can purchase it online here or visit their flagship store located at, 123 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013.


Urban Decay Moondust Shadows - Space Cowboy, Solstice

Although I’m a sucker for hefty eyeshadow palettes, my favorite eyeshadows at the moment are the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows! I’m no stranger to going all out with makeup looks every once in a while, but day-to-day I’m mostly a fan of a very natural look with a touch of glam here and there. These are perfect for a dainty glittery pop of color on the lid, as well as for building up on nights out! I’ve been a fan of these since they first launched but have only recently branched out with my color selection (Yay college for making me more adventurous!). My favorite shades at the moment are Space Cowboy (a beautiful warm champagne color with silver glitter) and Solstice (a rose color with gorgeous blue glitter that I absolutely live for). These are available for purchase on Urban Decay’s website or at other makeup retailers (I get mine at Sephora).


Caudalie  - Thé des Vignes Eux Fraîche

A good perfume is something I will purchase again and again even though they can get pricey. I fell in love with Caudalie perfumes last spring (Their rose scent, Rose des Vigne), and I decided to purchase a new scent for fall. I ended up choosing Thé des Vignes, which includes a hint of ginger liqueur, an infusion of orange blossom, and jasmine. The scent is prominent, but light on the senses which fits me to a tee.


LUSH - Rose Jam Shower Gel

This product is one of my absolute favorites from LUSH! It’s pretty straightforward - it’s a rose scented shower gel. I love this, especially after a long day! It’s also perfect for bubble baths (Although LUSH has many a product for that too!). You can purchase it here or at a LUSH near you!


LUSH - Sleepy Body Lotion

My love for floral scents is a constant tie between rose and lavender, and LUSH’s Sleepy Body Lotion is just that! With the weather getting cooler and dryer by the second, I’m absolutely obsessed with the luxurious formula of this product. Not only does a little go a long way, but it will keep your skin hydrated for a long while! Get it here!


Mario Badescu - Bee Pollen Night Cream

As mentioned before, I have incredibly dry skin. Once fall and winter roll around though, I have to up my skin hydration game! The Mario Badescu Bee Pollen Night Cream is one of my all-time favorite products for the fall season. I’ve purchased it multiple times, and I am never disappointed. This rich balm-like night cream keeps my skin hydrated all night and into the next day. It has a pleasant, yet mild floral scent which I appreciate as obnoxiously scented products on the face are a strong no from me. Pick this up at your local Ulta or online if you’re in need of a lifesaver for your dry skin!


Fresh Rose Face Mask

Another way in which I keep my skin hydrated is by using this rose face mask (surprise surprise that its rose!) by Fresh that I purchased at Sephora. The jam-like mask uses aloe, rose water, fermented rose petals, and vitamins to hydrate the skin and leave it radiant. I use this every other day as needed in dry spots!




Dulce Vida Latin Bistro - 1219 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10028

Dulce Vida Latin Bistro has proven to be one of my favorite restaurants to visit in the fall. It isn’t the cheapest of dining establishments, but the food is sublime and the staff is kind and attentive which keeps me coming back for the occasional splurge! My favorite menu item, though it’s extremely difficult to choose, is the Ajiaco soup. Yum!


Artichoke Basille’s Pizza - 114 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Living in the Lower East Side has its perks, including Artichoke Basille’s Pizza! If you find yourself in the East Village or Chelsea, stop by Artichoke’s for a slice of pizza you’ll never forget. Nothing beats a crisp fall day eating a ginormous piece of artichoke pizza (the cream sauce is an experience in itself) at the Highline with friends. What could be better? The price is phenomenal for the slice you get (about $5 for a slice the size of 2.5 slices), the charming locations, and the fun and friendly staff.


There you have it! Those are my fall favorites for 2018! As the season continues, I encourage you to take full advantage of the tidings accompanying fall, and to have fun finding favorites of your own!