16 Important Life Lessons Blair Waldorf Taught Us

*Gossip Girl here…*


Reporting to you live from the Blair Waldorf Fan Club. It's no secret people still idolize the fictional Gossip Girl character, four years after the show ended. It’s hard not to, really. Blair taught us how to never settle for anything in life, whether it be boys, friends, or careers. She’s independent and created a sophisticated image for herself that no matter how hard people could try, nobody could tear down. Following these life lessons below can help you become more like the iconic Queen B.


1. Money can buy happiness— if you know where to shop.



2. Tights are not pants.


3. The most important thing of all is your own happiness.


4. Don’t settle in a relationship. Be with someone who will do anything and everything for you.


5. You feel heartbreak throughout your whole body.




6. Love deeply and don’t be afraid to express your feelings.



7. Fashion is a form of art.


8. Letting go and moving on after a relationship does not make you weak, in fact it makes you stronger. Know when enough is enough and move forward from the relationship.


9. Don't rely on destiny for things to happen. If you want something to happen, go out and make it happen.



10. Be devoted to your significant other. Stand by them when they need you the most.



11. Be optimistic. Things are never as bad as they seem.


12. Don’t let your emotions overpower you.



13. It’s okay not to be okay.


14. Know how to control your anger— don’t blurt out all possible curse words just because you’re angry.


15. Even Blair Waldorf worried about fitting in! Don’t overstress about fitting in with your peers, focus on standing out in the best way possible.


16. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of getting what you want.

By following these few simple rules, even you can live your life to the fullest Blair Waldorf potential!