10 Times Gilmore Girls Was Right About the Beginning of Freshman Year


Starting college is a big deal! It is exciting and scary and a million other emotions all at once. The beginning of Freshman year is a mix of finally getting to be out on your own, missing home, and experiencing so many new things, and no show sums it up better than Gilmore Girls.

1. Living with roommates is an adjustment.


You arrive to your dorm with your suit cases and meet the people you will be living with. You maybe texted a little bit before and stalked each other’s social media, but in a day you will go from strangers to roommates. You realize that it is going to be a big adjustment, but an exciting one!



... well kind of. You made it through years of classes you hated and now can pick the ones you actually want to take! Every class sounds so cool and it is impossible to choose; you then realize you still have to take your general requirements, including much dreaded math. But even with those you still get to discover what interests you and start working towards your future.

3. You have so much freedom!


The days of curfews and not being able to go places are over! If you want to stay out until four in the morning you can! This independence is exhilarating and maybe lead to a few bad decisions. You are in love with this freedom and in love with college!

4. Wait you actually have to work really hard… like really hard.

As classes pick up you quickly learn college is about a lot more than just having fun. You suddenly have an enormous about of papers, homework, and studying to do. College is a new level of advanced learning and with that comes hard work. You understand that doing well is going to take serious dedication and a lot of studying… A LOT of STUDYING.

5. Sleep is now a luxury. 


Sleep what’s that? With school, homework, clubs, teams, and trying to maintain a social life, sleep is basically non existent. You really start to regret the naps you didn’t take when you were younger and whenever possible you try to cram one in. You are constantly baffled by how tired you can be and how you are still functioning.




Coffee is your new best friend. If you were not drinking caffeine before you are now and if you were you are drinking more. With the little sleep you are running on comes a coffee dependence. For those unfortunate enough to have morning classes it is even worse...so pour another cup!

7. Stress is your constant state of being. 

So much is happening and so much has to get done! Constantly stressing out is your new normal. While planning out your schedule you make sure to leave some extra time to freak out.


8. FOMO.


Sometimes it feels like everyone is having more fun than you. Whether you need to stay in to study or need an occasional quiet night, it can seem like everybody else is having the time of their lives and you are not. While it is hard not to compare yourself to others remember everyone is different and everyone feels this way occasionally.

9. You are going to mess up and it is not the end of the world!


Maybe you already regret something or made a mistake, but that is life. Mistakes are inevitable, but all that is important is learning from them and moving on. Sometimes it can feel like you messed up so badly, but this is just the beginning.

10. Sometimes you are going to miss your mom, like really miss her, but that is ok.

Being away from home is hard, maybe you are only an hour away or maybe across the country, either way some homesickness is natural. With everything great about college like meeting new people, learning new things, new opportunities, and unforgettable experiences, it also comes with missing your friends and family. Rory missed Lorelai so much she had her drive all the way back the same day. Your mom is the person who has supported you and cared for you for your whole life, and leaving that is really difficult. Sometimes it is so hard to not see her all the time, but stay positive and remember she is there if you need her.

College is a journey and this is only the start!