10 Things To Be Thankful For At MMC

We all love Marymount. It is our home away from home. It's where we spend hours on end each week taking classes, chatting with friends, drinking way too much coffee at Starbucks, and studying in the library. Here are some of the top things I think we should all be thankful for at MMC.

1.     The Friendly Security Guards

Yes, they may have their off days every once and awhile, but having someone to greet you and say good morning and goodnight, is always appreciated in my book.

2. Starbucks On Campus

NYC is blessed with a Starbucks on every corner, but having one on campus—where dining dollars are accepted—you can get that venti gingerbread latte without any hesitation.

3. Small Class Sizes

Discussion may get awkward when you have a class of six people and no one has anything to say, but small class sizes really benefit us in that we meet new friends and build amazing relationships with our professors. When it comes time for recommendation letters, yours is going to be #KILLER because of that small class size.

4. The Bean Bags in the Library

You know when you sit between book cases and do homework—watch Netflix—and you start to go numb. Well, with the bean bag chairs, you can be comfy for hours on end. You just have to be quick to snag one before someone else.

5. Kerry Walk

I appreciate Kerry Walk and her pant suit, just as much as the next gal. Besides her amazing minimal fashion choices, she has created an even more amazing positive environment at MMC, and an extensive career connections program that is going to help us all find jobs as soon as we graduate.

6. The Outside Terrace

In an extremely urban campus like Marymount sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are other things in this world beside construction and skyscraper after skyscraper. That’s why the outside terrace, with its glimpse of green and soothing waterfall, is a perfect de-stress environment—at least in the warmer months! We are counting down the days until it gets above 40 degrees so we can go back and enjoy!

7. The Accepting Atmosphere

Marymount is filled with people from all different backgrounds, from 48 of the 50 states, different ethnicities, and sexualities and sexual orientations. No matter where you come from or what you believe, Marymount and its student body are going to accept you. MMC is a safe place for all to be themselves, and that is something to be forever thankful for.

8. The absolute BEST chocolate chip cookies

Forget Schmackery’s, Insomnia and Levain, MMC has the best cookies ever! Huge portions the size of your face and just slightly underdone in the middle. Grab one to go with your mid-day coffee or if you just need a pick-me-up!

9. Diversity and Safe-Zone Trainings

To go along with our extremely accepting atmosphere, Marymount has amazing learning opportunities in our trainings, where we learn about different communities and identifications to be able to relate and understand more people in our MMC community. If you haven’t participated in one of these trainings, I encourage you to do so!


If you haven’t noticed, we are in one of—if not the coolest place—in the entire world to grow up and learn. This city has so much to offer—internships, job opportunities, Broadway shows, art galleries, amazing restaurants, and so much more. We are fortunate enough to live and learn in this big beautiful city. Thank you, Marymount!