10 Emojis That Perfectly Capture How You’re Feeling

Emojis are becoming a more realistic way of portraying our feelings than words ever were. Some have no literal translation and can't even be physically done (though we're constantly wishing we could turn our eyes into hearts at the sight of our crush), but somehow there's always an emoji to capture exactly how you're feeling. 

The Heart Eyes

When you fall in love with a stranger on public transportation. When your BFF looks amazing in an Instagram pic. When you make the most beautiful avocado toast. This emoji is here for all your best moments.

The Eye Roll

When your friends can’t hang out with you and your food delivery is taking way too long. Let them know how you feel with an eye roll.

The Upside-Down Smiley

When you did something colossally stupid and feel the need to make fun of yourself. Also can be used when things are not going as planned, but you’re going to keep smiling through it.

The Nerd

This follows the “sorry I can’t come out tonight... I have to study” text. It’s usually a lie, but the glasses make you seem more credible.

The Rosy-Cheeked Smiley

This one’s ambiguous because at first glance, it looks like a plain old smile. But, it’s also used when someone is acting like a little you know what.

The Clenched Teeth

When things get awkward (in a group chat, on a date, with your friends) and you feel uncomfy, this emoji perfectly acknowledges the situation.

The Expressionless Emoji

When someone says something beyond idiotic and there are truly no words, this emoji speaks for itself. Often used in response to Donald Trump’s tweets.

The Deep Frown

So your friends bailed on you, you dropped your iced coffee on the street, and you made it all the way to class only to find out it was cancelled. We feel you. So does this deeply frustrated emoji.

The Hugging Emoji, or, The Jazz Hands

When your too darn proud of someone and need to give them a virtual hug. If that someone is you and you've accomplishment something worth showing off (like making a dinner that's not from a box), jazz hands are required. 

The Sunglasses Emoji

When they give you a venti instead of a grande and it feels like you've pulled off the greatest heist in history. Or when you write a paper the night before it's due and get an A. You're too cool for school. 

Though emojis seem to deserve a dictionary all to themselves, trying to communicate only in emojis may be a little more complicated than we all think. It may be safest to stick with words for now. And I don't just mean "lol".