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Your Ideal Coffee Order Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The stars might not tell you what your go-to coffee drink should be, but we have you covered. Find your sign below and click here if you’re unsure what sign you were born under.

Aries: Drip Coffee with Flavor Shot

As the leader of the zodiac signs, Aries motivates and takes initiative. They don’t like complications or too many details. Drip coffee is the perfect drink to keep an Aries caffeinated and the added flavor shot pays respect to the added flair that comes with being a fire sign.

Taurus: Cookies and Cream Frappé 

The bull represents Taurus. Dependable, stubborn and relentlessly loyal, Taurus makes a great friend or partner. However, stereotypically indulgent and gluttonous as they are, Taurus love their food. A cookies and cream frappé fuels Taurus’ energy and also scratches that indulgent itch.  

Gemini: Tuxedo Mocha

Gemini’s playful and intellectual personality brings a fun dynamic to any conversation. The twins (representative of Gemini) can talk to anyone about anything. Notorious for making brash decisions and catering to whoever they’re with, a tuxedo mocha split with black and white flavoring makes for their perfect drink. 

Cancer: Oat Milk Latte

Cancers are sensitive, sensual creatures. Known for their emotional intelligence and caring nature, Cancers thrive in relationships as long as they feel equally loved by their partner. Oat milk is easy on the stomach and the latte is a classic comfort drink — perfect for Cancer. 

Leo: Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Leo sits center stage on the astrological wheel. Compassionate, driven and regal Leos makes their presence known. They’re self-assured and love to add their touch to everything. The cinnamon dolce latte takes a traditional drink and transforms it into a unique, tasty experience. 

Virgo: Americano 

All work and no play make Virgos happy. The serious and most practical astrological sign, Virgo strives to improve and capitalize on their skillset. While some call Virgo an obsessive perfectionist, no one can deny their insane level of productivity. A simple americano made with espresso and water is the most practical, adequate drink for them. 

Libra: Dirty Chai Latte

Charming and friendly, Libra is easy to like. Stereotypically, Libra is extroverted and connects with people effortlessly. They aren’t quick to share their feelings and carry a chip on their shoulder. But, they’re always there for their loved ones. A sweet chai latte with a shot of bitter espresso embodies their energy.

Scorpio: Red Eye with Cream 

Ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression and boldness, Scorpio carries an air of mystery that intrigues. Quiet and secretive, Scorpio holds their passions close to their heart and their cards close to their chest. However, they are known as the most open and sexual sign on the wheel. A strong and full red eye with cream, smooth and sweet, helps them wake up in the morning. 

“The infamous red eye has evolved into the working person’s drink — most commonly consumed on the go, when there’s a need to be awake and productive, but without the luxury of multiple cups of coffee,” writer Kayla Baird explains for DrinkTrade.com. “It’s the hot equivalent of cold brew.”

Sagittarius: Caramel Frappé with Whipped Cream

Sagittarius knows how to make friends. Optimistic and naive, they always hope for the best. Sagittarius can be a bit careless since they have so much faith in their happy ending, but they make the perfect companion for any pessimist. A caramel frappé with whipped cream captures their sweet, childlike essence.  

Capricorn: Dark Roast Drip Coffee

Organized and goal-oriented, Capricorn doesn’t have time to wait around. Capricorn values independence and likes to have control over their tasks. They do well in professional settings and are the pessimist to Sagittarius’s optimist. A quick stop at a coffee shop for their dark roast satisfies their needs. 

Aquarius: Lavender Cold Brew

Aquarius has been in the spotlight since the world entered the astrological age of Aquarius. They are self-reliant, peaceful and free thinkers. Traditionally associated with blues, purples and greens, a lavender cold brew pays homage to their colors and a cold brew sets them apart from regular drip coffee drinkers. 

Pisces: Single-Shot Vanilla Latte

Regarded as the most sympathetic of the zodiac signs, Pisces likes to have deep talks about whimsical topics. They’re imaginative and creative as well as romantic and considerate. Like Cancer, Pisces is sensitive. A lightly-caffeinated latte with a hint of vanilla lets them partake in coffee dates while not upsetting their gentle stomach.

With a variety of coffee shops on-campus and in the downtown area, you’re in a great place to test out new coffees and find your favorite drink. While these drink recommendations fit the traditional perceptions of each sign, every palate is different. Whether you’re a sensitive water sign or a grounded earth sign, there’s a perfect order out there for you!

Emma Lingo

Mizzou '23

Emma Lingo spends her time working as a barista at her local coffee shop, reading and being vocal about social justice issues. Emma is active with student government, student media and local nonprofits. She hopes to be a journalist one day and to live out her life in the mountains with her cat.
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