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Your Favorite Gilmore Girls Relationships as Novels

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The first crisp autumn morning has finally arrived, and you know what that means? It is time to start rewatching “Gilmore Girls”.

If you are anything like myself, then you’ve watched the series dozens of times, forming all kinds of opinions on who should have ended up with whom, why one couple didn’t work out and why Rory’s life choices have a major decline after season three. 

While I love the cult classic, and will definitely be rewatching it, I like to find other ways to try and live my life like a citizen of Stars Hollow. So even if you have never seen the show, here are book recommendations for the true “Gilmore Girls” connoisseur. 

Rory and Logan

Starting off strong with a semi-fan favorite: Rory and Logan. Their relationship has led to plenty of discord amongst fans of the show. But whether you love them or hate them, one thing these two can do is banter. This banter was the main component I was searching for when finding a book to represent them. For this pair, I recommend The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood.

NYT Bestseller, The Hating Game, its movie adaptation has some of the wittiest banter I have ever read. The book carries a “grumpy-sunshine” trope, similar to that of Rory and Logan, and the enemies-to-lovers workplace romance is sure to give you the back-and-forth you have missed from watching this couple on screen. 

The Love Hypothesis carries more of the experienced, rich boy and innocent, nerdy girl narrative. The book takes is set in college and, although there is an age gap and fake dating, it still will give you all the Rory-Logan nostalgia you could ever want. 

Lorelai and Luke

The couple we were waiting for the ENTIRE series just never had the right timing. Because these two are adults in a small town and their relationship took up practically the entire series, I have two books that, combined together, encapsulate Lorelai and Luke. For these two, I suggest It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey and The Suite Spot by Trish Doller.

It Happened One Summer brings the small-town, handyman’s and the airy, sarcastic girl’s relationship to life. This small town is sure to get you hooked on the Stars Hollow vibes. With a niche trope of a young woman opening a business of her own and a “heroic” man helping, there are many similarities between the two stories that work to complete this romantic environment.

The Suite Spot is another book that encapsulates Lorelai as a lead. The main character, Rachel Beck, is both a single mother and a hotel manager, similar to that of the independent Ms.Gilmore, so your “boss woman” craving is sure to be curved.

Rory and Jess

The most popular team to be on, but sadly, not how the series ends. With their intricate encounters, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific book for Rory and Jess, especially since their relationship seems to last forever. So, in an attempt to condense their relationship into books, I chose One Day in December by Josie Silver and Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon.

One Day in December is the perfect example of the “right person, wrong time” storyline. The main characters, Laurie James and Jack O’Mara, seem to just barely miss each other, meeting while the other is in a relationship or having loved ones get in the way. This relationship gives a glimpse into the frustration we all experience while watching the show. 

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow carries more of the academic banter we see between Rory and Jess in the show. Even though this book takes place over the span of just one day, the high school romance aspect adds to the “Gilmore Girls” feel.

Now that you know what books will get you into the Stars Hollow spirit, I hope you give them a read!

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