Why you shouldn't trust Pinterest models.

Posing has everything to do with looking good on Pinterest.

It is not news that one can alter how they look in photos with a simple change in posture or positioning. Posting photos to look closer to beauty standards promote the existing ideas that women should look thinner. Creating photos that are posed to look more favorable can be harmful to others, therefore consuming Pinterest photos that promote the thinner standards of beauty can be harmful.

Many models are paid to promote fashion brands

Like Instagram influencer, Pinterest models are often given brand deals to promote various fashion brands. While this is less of an issue on promoting body positivity and acceptance, it still poses the question of are these brands popular because they’re cute or because they’re paying individuals to sponsor their clothing? Brand deals give models clothing for free in return for exposure on various social media sites. Audiences should be aware of any sponsorships but especially sponsored content, especially when making decisions on where to spend money. 

Many models use Photoshop to alter photos.

Photoshop is great for altering the light and exposure of photos, but bending angles to uphold the same beauty standards mentioned above can be harmful. Not all Pinterest models use Photoshop to enhance their photos, but it is something to keep in mind when planning your next Pinterest inspired outfit


In general, it is a good idea to consider the reason for the posting and the makeup of the post before spending hours worrying about social media influencers.