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If you’re in college, it is most likely the case that you have a LOT of photos on your camera roll. And who can blame you? The best way to capture moments and memories these days is with the quick snap of your phone. But if you want to level up your memories and add a little bit of spice to your moments, consider starting a scrapbook. 

While scrapbooks may seem dated due to the nature of modern day social media, they are a great way to store some of the memories you have made that may not have been taken on a camera, like scraps of paper, notes, certificates, pins and other memorabilia. Plus, scrapbooks do not take up any extra storage on your devices, so you are free to take more photos for your next scrapbook!

Scrapbooks are completely customizable to your experiences as well. There are cheap options for covers that are simple and easy to customize, as well as more expensive covers that have cute designs on the front. And the inside of the book is all your call – add as much decor or as little as you want, choose fun wallpapers, letter stickers and obviously glitter. With just the photos, sometimes you are limited to just the frame; with scrapbooks, you can think outside the boundaries of the photo to really help emphasize and capture the memories you have made. 

You don’t need to stress if you aren’t just starting college, either. Scrapbooks can be used to document any period of time you want, however long or short that may be; document just one year, or all four – one summer, or just one vacation! 

So, spend this summer looking back on all of the fun times you had, and work on creating more memories in the process! Invite a friend to make a scrapbook with you and spend your time laughing over all of the great recollections from the past. Happy scrapbooking!

Ellie DeBeer

Mizzou '24

Hi! My name is Ellie, and I am excited to share stories with the public! I am interested broadcast journalism, theatre, choir, and promoting awareness for national sex education.
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