When is Too Early to Set Up Your Christmas Tree?


Do you find yourself getting shamed for putting up your tree too early or too late in the season? I normally spend my time wondering when is the correct time to set up the Christmas tree each year.

If you are like me, you’ll be setting up your tree in the middle of November. I’m still going to appreciate Thanksgiving and allow about five days for all of its turkey glory, BUT my Christmas tree will be up before December.

While many people want to set up their Christmas tree as soon as November 1 hits, others believe that is way too soon. As it has been a pretty serious debate. I’m here to settle it, or at least make it less of an issue. 

According to old traditions, starting to decorate for Christmas should take place when Advent starts. Starting four Sundays before Christmas, it allows for decorations to be put up after Thanksgiving but still before December.

Other old traditions state that decorating the week of Christmas or even waiting until Christmas Eve is adequate enough. 

Another argument to think about is whether or not your tree is real or plastic. If you have a plastic tree, then you can keep it up longer, therefore starting the decorating process earlier. On the other hand, real trees are a gorgeous addition to any home, but normally do not last as long.

In the end, there is really no correct timeframe you have to set up your tree between as long as you follow the rules of when to take it down.

So, no matter when you decide to put up your tree, just know it is bad luck to leave it up longer than January 5th. According to tradition, your tree and decorations should be taken down the day after Twelfth Night, which is January 5th – it’s considered bad luck to leave them up for longer than that!