Wallet-Friendly Gift Guide for Girls

I don’t know about you, but it was so hard this year making my christmas list and finding gifts for others. I still have to get most of my gifts for others because I had zero ideas for what was a good present this year! So if you’re a procrastinator like me, here’s a quick, wallet-friendly gift guide for the gals in your life. 

A Winter Essentials Pack

Gather some furry socks, beanies, scarves and mittens, and call it a day! All of these items can be found cheap at Target, and you know every girl needs those to survive this winter. Make them fashionable so that they look more expensive than the gift recipient thinks. 

Nail Polish

Every girl wants a fresh manicure for the holiday season, but those on a budget can’t buy a total spa mani-pedi package for their bestie. O.P.I. has amazing metallic polishes that can make it look like your gift recipient just got her nails done by a professional, and the colors are perfect for this time of year. Nail polish is always a great stocking stuffer.

A Perfume Sampler

This isn’t the most wallet-friendly item, but you get a bang for your buck. I would give this type of present to a super important person like my mom, she’d really appreciate it. I also hear that this year’s Sephora perfume sampler comes with a voucher to get a free normal size bottle of your favorite sample from the box. Now THAT is a good deal!


All girls love candles. It’s really up to you on how much you want to spend here; you could grab a ton of cheap ones from Target, or you could go to Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works and get a few for more money. Whichever way, candles are always a good idea.

A Necklace/Dainty Jewelry

All girls also love jewelry. This type of necklace is very in style and can be found pretty much anywhere, but if you personalize it with their name or initials like this one from Nordstrom, it makes a cheap gift more thoughtful and personalized while still being inexpensive.

A Bath Set 

The holidays are a time of relaxation, which means bath time! Lush Bath Bombs are a must for a good bath and a good gift idea. You could finish up the bath deal with a new shampoo and conditioner set and maybe a cheap (but still good) bottle of wine. A new exfoliator or loofa is always needed and a cheap gift. You could throw in the candle with this idea, too, if you’re going big. 

Room Decor

This could be anything from picture frames, wall posters, chairs, mirrors, little decorations, etc. Really just anything cheap and cute for the aesthetic of your gift recipient’s room would work. Decor can be super cheap or super expensive, so going to big department stores or overstock places is a good money saving tip.

Cute Books or Journals

These could be actual reading books like the new Harry Potter book or Fifty Shades or even cute coffee table books like Kim Kardashian’s Selfie book. Journals like the cute marble or textured ones are super cute and serve a good purpose, too. I love getting books for the holidays, whether they be an activity or just something cute. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of cute and affordable books and journals.

DIY a Gift!

There are really countless cheap DIY gift ideas; just go on Pinterest. You can make most of the things on this list like jewelry, natural bath/shower items and even candles. This is a way to add your personality to the gift so that the recipient gets a piece of you, too! You can make anything you want tailored to the person’s wants, too. You just have to put in the effort, and you’ll have a happy holiday!