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Tyler Adelstein

Meet this week’s campus cutie, Tyler Adelstein! He is a Junior here at Mizzou and is majoring in geology. He is extremely adventurous and would love to spend his time outdoors with that special someone. Keep reading to find out more about this cutie.

Full name: Tyler Adelstein

Year at Mizzou: Junior

Hometown: Chesterfield, MO

Major: Geology

Campus involvement: Campus Operations, Environmental Leadership Office, Geology Club, MU Rock Climbing Club, The Rock, Baptist Student Union, and MSA

Relationship status: In the market

Favorite Mizzou memory: The first time I participated in a passionate MIZ-ZOU chant was astonishing and solidified my belief in picking the right school.

Most embarrassing moment: When I was kid I was sarcastically told, “How modest of you Tyler.” I did not know what modest meant, so I had to look it up. I have since improved upon my humility, but have vastly decreased my understanding of the use of sarcasm.  

First item on your bucket list: Swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Celebrity crush: January Jones

Favorite thing about humanity: Our ability to smile and love.

Favorite fictional character: Dick Diver from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book “Tender is the Night.” He is filled with repose and occupies a villa in Southern France with his beautiful wife, Nicole.

Ideal date: In Columbia I would like to make dinner and a then see a concert or enjoy the great parks we have in town.

Turn ons: Motivation, creativity and a smile 

Turn offs: Capriciousness, cynicism, disdain towards the outdoors

One thing you wish to accomplish this year: Never forgetting to let my loved ones know how much they mean to me.

Where you see yourself 10 years from now: I see myself being employed and having the opportunity to travel through my work. 

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