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After that first round of tests, I was feeling a bit discouraged and down on myself. But then, I made the great decision to treat myself to a fantabulous night in with a few of my favorite things. We’ve all had a tough time getting back into the school state of mind and getting rid of all that built-up stress, so come on, you deserve it… TREAT YO’ SELF TONIGHT. Here are a few of my favorite ways to treat myself.

Free Your Face

Come home and clear your face. Take your makeup off with a wipe, then cleanse your face with your regular wash to make sure you’re extra clean. Pluck those annoying eyebrow hairs. Put on that face mask you’ve been waiting to try. I love the Freeman Feeling Beautiful line; it’s super cheap, you can get the line at Wal-Mart, and there are so many different kinds to match what you’re feeling for your face this evening. I love when my skin, especially my face, is baby soft, so I love the charcoal and black sugar mask. Charcoal absorbs impurities and really deep cleans your skin. After you take it off, your skin feels like a baby, and you won’t be able to stop touching it. Lock in that softness by finishing up your skin with a good moisturizer and an eye cream if you’re feeling luxurious. Your skin will feel amazing, and your pores will thank you later.

Take a Bath


If you’re like me, you usually never have time for baths. You need a quick shower to get clean, and you can’t afford to relax in a warm bath for longer than 10 minutes. Not tonight, my friends. Draw a nice, warm bath, and fill the tub up as high as it can go without splashing onto your floor (cleaning the bathroom is not an ideal way to treat yo’ self.) Throw in a Lush Bath Bomb, and you’ll feel like a work of art. Play your favorite relaxing music, light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and you’re set. Sit in there for too long; you deserve it. Relax, unwind and forget about your grade in chemistry. After you’re too pruney to handle, lather yourself in a lovely smelling lotion, and put on your silkiest, softest robe. Tell me you don’t feel like a million bucks after this.

Spend Your Money

You’ve probably cooked enough already this week; order an extra large, greasy pepperoni pizza with a soda, a beer or a bottle (not a glass) of wine on the side. After that, keep on eating; I believe in you, and I know you want an ice cream sundae. While you’re waiting for your meal to come, order yourself some new clothes you’ve been eyeing but couldn’t bring yourself to get just yet. Get a hot, fancy dress you can’t wait to show off, and maybe a new pair of non-see-through leggings, because how can you ever have enough?

Watch a Movie

Whether it’s a documentary, rom-com or a horror movie, everybody loves to lounge and become obsessed with another person’s life through a screen. Search Netflix, rent a movie on Amazon or hey, start a new series. Personally, I just started “Shameless” on Netflix, and I’m obsessed. Take that two-hour break to relax, cuddle up in bed and be entertained.

Give Yourself a Manicure

Who cares if you’re terrible? How good did it feel to spend money on that pizza and those new clothes? Save your money for those occasions, and paint your own nails tonight. Clip those claws, file them down, and paint your favorite color on your pretty hands. Make sure the color goes with the season, of course.

Go to Sleep EARLY

I know, I know, I’m sad your night has to end, too. You’ve most likely been up late studying, going out or procrastinating every day since school started, so tonight you need to treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. Make yourself some hot chamomile tea and put on your favorite jammies. Change your sheets, so you’re fresh as can be from your homemade facial and long bath, and jump on in. Good night beautiful!

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