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Tony Sanford


Meet this week’s campus cutie, Tony Sanford! He’s a senior from St. Louis studying economics. His ideal date? A romantic weekend trip to PCB. Read on to find out more about Tony!

Full name: Anthony Robert Sanford

Year at Mizzou: Senior

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Economics

Campus involvement: Delta Sigma Phi fraternity

Relationship status: Nothing Facebook official.

Favorite Mizzou memory: Way back in the ’11, Mizzou hosted a basketball game against those filthy Jayhawks. We were down by about 20 with eight minutes when our Tigers put together one of the best comebacks I’ve seen. It was no doubt one of the most fun nights of my life.

Favorite place in Columbia: Definitely the columns. Who doesn’t love an incredibly breathtaking view coupled with the slight chance of drunk, naked people running by?

Hidden talent: I dabble in acoustic guitar sing-a-longs here and there.

Pet peeve: When people are out with their friends and they are all staring at their phone it bugs the crap out of me! Why can’t you just talk to the people you’re with? Why?

Most embarrassing moment: I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t peed my pants at least once since college.

First item on bucket list: Sky diving. I imagine it is one of the most exhilarating things you can experience.

Celebrity crush: I’ve had a Kate Upton poster since before it was cool.

Favorite fictional character: The wildcard himself, Charlie Kelly from “It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

Ideal date: A weekend trip to PCB, of course.   

Turn ons: I love when a girl can be spontaneous and have fun in the moment. A good sense of humor is a must as well. 

Turn offs: Blackhawks fans.

One thing you wish to accomplish this year: lol graduate. 

Where you see yourself 10 years from nowWherever life takes me.


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