Timothée Chalamet: America's Newest Heartthrob

Timothée Chalamet may be new to the silver screen, but he’s quickly sweeping America off its feet with his incredible acting skills and boyish charm. The Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird star shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, with new movies Hot Summer Nights and Beautiful Boy coming out in 2018. The Internet can’t seem to get enough of Timmy and, truthfully, neither can we. There’s something unique about obsessing over someone who would have been in your grade in high school, but is more wildly successful than you’ll ever be!

1. His acting chops are incredible

Timothée blows us away in anything we lay our eyes on. It’s no wonder that at 22 years old, he is the youngest Academy Award Best Actor nominee in nearly 80 years. He is clearly gifted, but he’s also worked extremely hard to get here. From smaller roles in Men, Women & Children and Interstellar to longer stints in TV shows like Homeland, Timothée has worked for years to get where he is today. On top of that, he also went to the “FAME” high school, where he studied acting intensively alongside Ansel Elgort. He’s earned his young fame!

2. He has a rap alter ego, Lil Timmy Tim

Not only does Timmy love hip-hop and rap, but he even has his own rap alter ego. Fans have searched the YouTube archives to find some iconic footage of a young, even skinnier Timothée slaying the hip-hop game. In addition to his love of rap, he has been spotted at Coachella with The Weeknd and even rapping Cardi B during award shows. We love how Lil Timmy Tim always stays true to his passions.

3. He speaks fluent French

This doesn’t need much explanation. Just listen to that accent, that VOICE! His father is French and he grew up spending summers and holidays in France, and he has the skills to show for his cultured childhood. Timmy definitely has a certain je ne sais quoi, and we’re all about it.

4. He loves his family

Sweet, sweet Timothée has brought his mom and sister as his date to multiple award shows. While this choice probably stemmed from not wanting to cause a scene bringing a possible girlfriend, you can’t argue that it’s absolutely adorable how much he loves his family. Who doesn’t love a mama’s boy?!

5. His style is iconic

From his weird, Grandpa sweaters to his all white tux, this boy is an absolute fashion showstopper. He’s not afraid to take risks, often donning designer looks straight off the catwalk. In fact, Timmy’s so stylish he doesn’t even use a stylist! He clearly lets his personality show through his outfits, and we love that he is letting his true self shine!

6. He’s adorably awkward

Part of Timmy’s charm is he’s about as awkward as we would be in his shoes. From his incessant giggling to stumbling through talk show interviews, it totally feels like Timmy could be a guy in your class. One of our most favorite Timmy quirks is his love of the phrase “I’m kidding” in interviews.  It’s easy to forget that he’s not Tim from statistics class, he’s an incredibly talented Oscar-nominated actor. He seems super down-to-earth and humble, and we love him for that!

The Call Me Be Your Name and Lady Bird star is (rightfully) receiving mass adoration and is sure to become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Some have even said the hysteria reminds them of Leonardo Dicaprio’s ‘Leomania’ at the height of his Titanic fame? But will the ‘Chalamania’ be as strong? Only time will tell.