Thomas Brunner

This week's Campus Cutie enjoys the simpler things in life. And his idea of a perfect date includes the beach, every girl's dream! Too bad he's taken.

Hometown: Levittown, New York

Year in school: JuniorMajor: Psychology

Dream job: Working in a veterans hospital

Relationship status: Taken

Campus Involvement: Not very involved!

Why did you choose Mizzou?: It was close to where we lived in St. Louis, knew people, cheap, you name it.

Turn ons: I like dark hair, definitely like a girl with some attitude. I tend to argue a lot.

Turn offs: I'm not a fan of a lot of make-up.

Most embarrassing moment: Probably this past 4th of July when I went home to NY and fell down the stairs at my childhood best friend's parent's house... still piecing that day together.

Favorite pick-up line: "How you doin?" (I know, original af)

Favorite movie: Bad Boys 2, hands down!

Favorite food: Chicken sandwiches. Anything with chicken, actually.

Celebrity crush: Sarah Chalke, I had a minor obsession with the show, Scrubs.

Fun/unique fact about yourself: I'm absolutely terrified of bees and wasps. I will scream like the most privileged princess if one touches me.

If you could trade lives with anyone - who? and why?: Mac Miller. We are about the same age and he just signed that 10 million dollar record deal with Warner Bros. I can rap and travel wherever I want whenever I want? Sign me up. 

Where you see yourself in 10 years: I don't even think about next month, but I guess probably married with some little demon running around. That's scary.

What's been your favorite part about college so far: Being able to walk everywhere. Makes my life 100x easier.

Ideal/perfect date: I'm really simple, but if I had the money I would probably go with a beach front picnic kinda deal. I love the beach.