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Things I Will (& Won’t) Miss About College

In honor of graduation approaching in these next few weeks, I decided to dedicate one of my last articles to some of the biggest things I will miss after leaving college, along with some things that I am secretly SO glad that I’m leaving behind.

Miss: Napping in the middle of the day

I think we can all agree that one of the biggest perks of being in college is the ability to make your own schedule, and there is nothing better than that solid 2 to 3 hour gap in your day that you can use to relax or sleep before facing the rest of your responsibilities.

Won’t Miss: Accidentally napping through class

As great as those afternoon naps are, there’s nothing worse than falling asleep in between classes and straight up just not waking up for your last one. I’ve missed quite a few extra credit opportunities or in-class assignments over the years because my internal alarm clock and my schedule weren’t on the same page.


Miss: Free stuff on campus

There is literally always free stuff being passed out on campus, whether it’s food, t-shirt’s, koozies, and so much more. In my 4 years of college I have accumulated so much free stuff I could probably fill an entire closet with all of it.

Won’t Miss: Those strings attached to that free stuff

There is always a catch when a student offers you something for free on campus. You can have that slice of pizza, IF you fill out this 20-question survey. We have also all succumbed to the hundreds of flyers being thrown at us in exchange for all that free swag.

Miss: Seeing dogs everywhere on campus

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think I see a minimum of 2 dogs out for a walk whenever I’m walking to and from my classes, and I would say about 97% of those dog’s owners let you pet them too. Honestly nothing makes your day better than a trotting doggo on campus ready to receive your love for a few seconds.

Won’t Miss: Seeing people you hate on campus

Whether it’s an old flame, that one guy/girl from your group project (you know the one), or maybe a Tinder match, we all know how uncomfortable it can get seeing one of the above on campus. It always ends with an awkward 30 second “Hi hello how are you” conversation, or a very apparent avoidance to make eye contact.

Miss: Frat parties

Not paying for drinks, not paying cover at any bars, no dress code, and great music. What more could you ask for?

Won’t Miss: Frat parties

Literally everything about frat parties, starting with the truly disgusting bathrooms and ending with frat guys.

And lastly…

Miss: Constantly being around your friends

No one can argue with how great it is to be in such close proximity with your friends in college. Living with them, having classes with them, being in clubs together, playing sports, or just hanging out, you are always with your friends, and it really can’t get better than that.

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