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The best study spots at Mizzou, from a full-time student

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

As a student taking the maximum amount of credit hours, working two jobs, and being involved in extracurricular activities, the time to study and complete coursework can be tight, calling for a focused environment in order to get everything done before its due date. Without the ideal study atmosphere, being a successful student wouldn’t be possible, especially given the busy circumstances. Whether you’re a busy bee or just someone who wants a change in scenery, read on to discover places you may have never considered before.

Student Center, upstairs and downstairs 

Looking beyond the crowded lines for Panda Express and Infusion, the Mizzou student center has so much to offer. The three-story building is filled with an abundance of places to study and can be found above, below, and next to the food court. Walking up the stairs of the Mizzou Student Center, you’ll find comfy lounge chairs overlooking the main floor. As you walk further in, you’ll discover several alcoves and study rooms that can be reserved for homework sessions, meetings, and so much more!

Going back to the main level of the student center, and taking the lift a floor down is like discovering a whole new building on campus. You will find plenty of lounge space and departments with different resources. The Women’s Center is one of many resources offered to students, and can be used by anybody on campus! My favorite easter eggs within the student center is the study alcoves hidden away within the lower level. These make for prime studying, and with no distractions and plenty of outlets, you’re sure to ace your midterms!

MizzouRec Center

My absolute favorite place to study is the MizzouRec Center. Some students might think the award-winning building is only used for its gym, pools, and classes, but looking past that, there is so much more to offer within these four walls! One floor above the aquatic center, you will find a room filled with greenery, outlets, lighting and a variety of seating options to enjoy your time studying. There’s some background noise, not too quiet and not too loud. If you need a break from studying, you can sit down on the couch and watch whatever is playing on the TV. 

Memorial Student Union, upstairs (north tower)

The second floor of Memorial Union is what some students would call a national treasure. Away from the typical noise that fills the main level of Memorial Union, it is filled with meeting rooms, comfortable seating, and charging stations. However, walking up even further is filled with more surprises. There’s a tiny study room as you move further within Memorial Union, and walking up a few more stairs after that, you’ll find the cutest alcove with natural lighting.

Ellis Library

Many freshmen get overwhelmed stepping foot into Ellis library, despite it being a very popular study space. There are five floors, and the elevator buttons can get quite confusing as well (seriously, what’s the difference between floor 2 and floor 2L?) Once you get past the thick of it all, Ellis is a beautiful building with a surprise everywhere you look.

“I wish I spent more time at Ellis [as a freshman],” says Shelby Oakes, now a junior at Mizzou. “The building really scared me when I was a freshman and I didn’t want to go inside, but now I’m always studying there and I wish I would have sooner.”

Really, If you get confused or embarrassed navigating the building, there are several staff members who can help! There are many information desks located around the building, but if you want to remain anonymous, there’s also the Ellis LibraryWebsitewith real-time staff to answer any and all of your questions.

Department buildings

A common misconception made by first-year students is that you’re only able to use certain buildings according to your major. For example, my entire freshman year as a journalism major, I thought it would be weird for me to study in the business school. However, after taking an economics test at Cornell Hall, I thought, “This is a really nice atmosphere. Why wouldn’t I be able to study here?” Really, that’s all it took for me to realize that all the buildings on campus are open for all students, despite your major. You may feel weird at first, but really, nobody else sitting in there knows what you’re studying!

Cornell Hall

With the above being said, Lafferre Hall offers a beautiful atmosphere and a great change in scenery for students used to studying in the same buildings where their classes take place. To me, it feels like a hotel lobby, which brings a specific comfort to my schoolwork. Since Cornell Hall is primarily known for the business school, you won’t find many people using this space to socialize, which can help with focus and staying on task.

Lee Hills Hall

Steps away from campus and right down the road from Shakespeare’s Pizza is Lee Hills Hall. Home of the Missourian and part of the Journalism School, Lee Hills is like a home away from home. If you are looking to get away from campus for a little bit, Lee Hills is a great place to stop by and get some work done. One of my favorite places to get comfy and write stories is upstairs in Lee Hills, where you’ll find a massive comfy chair, which is criss-cross applesauce friendly!

Use your resources

These are just a few of my favorite underrated spots to study, do homework, and write articles when I want to get out of the house or take a break from the typical atmosphere of the popular study spots on campus (The Grind, I’m looking your way). Remember to explore and take advantage of different spots on campus, nobody will judge you for studying somewhere you haven’t before. Remember, we are all humans trying to get by, let’s all find what works for us.

Kaihli Mitts is a sophomore at Mizzou studying Journalism and Strategic Communications. She is the TikTok manager for HerCampus at Mizzou, and loves to write articles about music and entertainment. When she's not studying, you can catch her listening to music, scrolling through social media, or making your drink at the campus Starbucks <3