Taking Procrastinating to All New Levels

Procrastination: we all know it, most do it and few are strong enough to resist it. I cannot even begin to express my appreciation for those with enough willpower to consistently do their work early and in advance, but unfortunately, we can't all live that way. To those who struggle with procrastinating, we all know common distractions include our phones, TV, the internet, sleeping, friends, etc. But extreme circumstances call for extreme techniques. To determine the most pathetic (impressive?) procrastination activities, I asked my friends and classmates to share their own experiences. Here are the most ridiculous things they had to say.

"I converted old VHS tapes to DVD."

"Mapped an elaborate plot for Titanic 2: Jack Resurfaces from the Sea."

"I once looked up how difficult it was to learn Arabic."

"I went three years deep into Cole Sprouse's tagged photos on Instagram."

"One time I looked up my Southwest airline miles and plotted all the possible destinations I could fly to for free."

"I went to Walmart at 1 am to see what kind of weirdos hang out there in the middle of the night."

"Kept my roommate company in the bathroom while she showered."

"I watched an entire marathon of documentaries about people escaping cults."

"Read all my old elementary school diaries."

"I once rode along with a friend across the state just for a coffee."

"I've been known to scroll endlessly on Facebook Marketplace and the free tab on Craigslist where people sell actual trash." 

"I watched hours of conspiracy videos about deep-sea animals."

"I folded my roommate's giant pile of dirty laundry."

"I play Gordon Ramsey Restaurant Dash. Or Ballz."

"I played hours of The Sims."

"I always order a 'study pizza.'"

"I once researched Mike Rowe and watched hours of 'Dirty Jobs.' Super underrated show."

"I listen to the entire High School Musical trilogy soundtrack."

"I made a Webkinz account in college after trying, and failing, to log into my childhood accounts."

"I look up my old teachers on social media."

"Extensively researched the difference between wolves and coyotes."

"Deep cleaned the entire house."

The moral of the story: some people get their work done, some procrastinate and some take things to weird new levels and fall into a deep internet hole when they could've just studied their 20 flashcards and gotten to bed at a reasonable time. Anyway, what's the most pathetic thing you've ever done to avoid doing something?