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Style Snapshot: Colors for Spring – From the Runway to Columbia

Every season brings with new style and color trends, and this spring is no exception. But how can you incorporate the hottest spring colors from your favorite fashion magazines into your wardrobe? We at Her Campus Mizzou have chosen a couple easy trends to rock this spring that feature accessible and affordable pieces from our local sweetheart boutique, Belle!

White is the new black

We’re all looking forward to seeing some lighthearted colors, especially after these overcast winter months. White no longer means the monotonous suits by Donna Karan or Calvin Klein. Designers such as Alexander Wang and Rick Owens collaborated the color with the carefree maxi dress trend, which brings a breath of fresh air to the season.

(Slow flower tank: $18, Belle Boutique)

(May beth bracelet: $45, Belle Boutique)

Be bold

While you're making some classic white pieces your standbys, don't forget that spring is always the prime time to be playful with colors! Continuing from last seasons, the blue family (teal, capri, mint and electric blue) will still play an important role this spring. If bold colors make too much of a statement for you, always remember the golden rule: You will never go wrong with vibrant color when black is present. See Jill Sander's look below as an example.

(halter bead dress: $69, Belle Boutique)

(Madden sandals: $67, Belle Boutique)

(necklace: $57.25, Belle Boutique)

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