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Stuck At Home Over Spring Break? 101 Things To Do

This year for spring break you’ve decided to stay home to relax and save money because hey, that trip to Miami last year was expensive and that trip to Cancun next summer is something you’ve wanted for awhile. You love being at home, but you’re afraid that you’ll get too bored. So here are 100 alternatives to going anywhere for spring break!

1. Go on a “home vacation” — explore your home town and go through all the tourists attractions.

2. Have a “Mean Girls” day, in which you dress in all pink and watch both movies.

3. Have a “Star Wars” marathon, watch each movie a day.

4. Redecorate your room back home.

5. Make yourself pizza from scratch.

6. Bake cookies.

7. If the weather allows it, go tanning outside.

8. Try to finish “The Hunger Games” book series.

9. Join a gym.

10. Do some crafts. Joann’s or Michael’s is a great place to get supplies.

11. Build a fort in your living room.

12. Catch up on the homework you neglected throughout the year.

13. Go shopping.

14. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

15. Make mix CDs for your friends.

16. Take a cooking class.

17. Learn how to make creme bruele.

18. Watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to do nail art and try it on your own.

19. Go to the movies.

20. Write letters to family out of state.

21. Plan for next semester.

23. Have a “Pretty Little Liars” marathon.

24. Take an art class.

25. Get your wisdom teeth taken out.

26. Learn sign language.

27. Grill outside with your mom or dad.

28. Plant a garden.

29. Go for a run every morning.

30. Try to sketch out your family.

31. Play hide and seek in IKEA.

32. Go to a concert.

33. Waste your life away with Netflix.

34. Babysit your neighbors’ kids.

35. Learn how to rollerblade.

36. Go to a super fancy restaurant and just order dessert.

37. Learn how to dance the Charleston and then have a “The Great Gatsby” marathon.

38. Go bungee jumping.

38. Throw a toga party.

39.  Play a pickup game of soccer/football in your local park.

40. Buy a teacup pig.

41. Scrapbook.

42. Learn a cord on the guitar.

43. Read about a new place and schedule a trip.

44. Color-code your closet.

45. Go for run on through a trail.

46. Make a dream catcher.

47. Make a collage about your favorite celebrity.

48. Find a new favorite restaurant.

49. Make homemade ice-cream sandwiches.

50. Challenge yourself to stay off social media for 24 hours.

51. Go to iHop at 2 a.m.

53. Order everything on the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

54. Make a dream board.

55. Learn how to walk on your hands.

56. Learn how to do the splits.

57. Volunteer to walk the neighborhood dogs.

58. Have murder mystery party.

58. Actually do the chores your mom wants you to do.

59. Learn how to parallel park.

60. Go on a picnic inside or out.

61. Play charades.

62. Make a scavenger hunt for your family around your house.

63. Learn how to make a soufflé.

64. Have international-themed food night.

65. Purge your closet.

66. Write a song.

67. Browse YouTube and find a new favorite artist.

68. Make breakfast for dinner.

69. Go to a professional sports game.

70. Go ice-skating.

71. Have a board game tournament with your family.

72. Have a “Lord of the Rings” movie marathon.

73. Try yoga.

74. Have a spa day.

75. Have a classic movie marathon.

76. Read 10 books.

77. Visit a nature preserve.

78. Make a snowman or sandcastle, see what the weather is like.

79. Sleep.

80. Go skydiving.

81. Go on a road trip.

82. Go on a float trip.

83. Plot for April Fool’s Day.

84. Play video games.

85. Go to the zoo.

86. Visit your old high school.

87. Look for a job.

88. Learn a foreign language.

89. Watch “The Sandlot.”

90. Have a Leonardo DiCaprio movie marathon.

91. Have a Sandra Bullock movie marathon.

92. Make a music video.

93. Take a walk with your dog or other pet.

94. Don’t have a pet? Buy one. 

95. Have a Disney movie marathon.

96. Form a band.

97. Try to make a cheesecake.

98. Donate blood.

99. Have a barbeque.

100. Relax

101. Read Her Campus articles!

Shoutout to HC for all of our #swag in our #HCSurvivalKits. We couldn’t enjoy our spring break without it!


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