Staff Spotlight: Morgan Schlueter

Our staff spotlight this week is Morgan Schlueter!  Morgan is a junior Journalism major and our resident pop culture expert. Whether she's giving our staff updates on Bachelor Nation or tweeting her witty remarks, Morgan is your girl to turn to when you're looking to laugh. Unlike most journalism majors, Morgan doesn't handle more than one cup of coffee well, so don't offer her a Starbucks. She would prefer Chick-fil-a. Read on to learn more about Morgan and how to win her heart! 

Hometown: Chesterfield, Missouri

Year in school: Junior

Dream Job: PR superstar

Major: Strategic Communication 

Minor: Business

Relationship Status: There is no status 

Campus Involvement: Staff writer for Her Campus, Kappa Alpha Theta, Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol, MU Honors College Member, National Student Advertising Competition

Why did you choose Mizzou? They say it's the best J school in the country, so hopefully that pays off in the long run.

Turn Ons: Funny, witty sense of humor, good style, endless pop culture references, someone who admits to liking The Bachelor 

Turn Offs: Slow walkers, bad texters, poor grammar, people who are too intensely dedicated to working out

Most Embarrassing Moment: On the first day of second semester sophomore year, my friend and I walked into the wrong class and didn't notice until about 10-15 minutes in.  So we just sat there for the full hour.

Favorite Pick-up Line: None of the one used here

Favorite Movie: This is by far the most stressful question I've ever had to answer. I say it's The Social Network or Walk the Line, but deep inside it's probably A Cinderella Story. 

Favorite Food: Chicken strips with ranch

Celebrity Crush: Fred Armisen, Paul Rudd, Andrew Garfield and, most recently, Harry Styles

Fun/unique fact about yourself: Shameless plug: I run my dog's Instagram account.

If you could trade lives with anyone, who would it be and why? Emma Stone, because she is super cool, very funny and totally down to earth.  Plus, she dated Andrew Garfield. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Living in a perfectly decorated Craftsman home with my really hip husband, a kid and our posse of pugs.  I have magically learned to cook, developed a cool personal style and have time to watch all my shows in the DVR.

What's been your favorite part about college so far? The fact that it's completely normal to grab food with friends at any time of the day or night.  Also, living with friends is both super fun and helps you learn how to deal with others.

Ideal/perfect date? Lots of movies and lots and lots of snacks.