Squiggle Brows and Other Strange Eyebrow Trends

There's no doubt that brows have been a major focus in beauty trends over the past few years. While regular plucking, waxing, threading, filling, shading, penciling and sculpting brows sometimes seems over the top, nothing compares to the crazy eyebrow trends that exist online.

The latest trend, the "squiggle brow," has everyone confused. 

According to Allure, this wild brow trends often requires Elmer's glue to keep the hairs in the right direction. There's no word on where people are sporting this eyebrow trend, but it seems unlikely that it will become the hottest new look. While the squiggle/wiggle/wave brow is going viral, it may be best to let it live and die in the depths of the internet.

In my personal opinion, the only reasonable purpose for the squiggle brow is if you want to resemble a tadpole. 


In honor of the ridiculous squiggle wiggle, let's take a moment and look back on some of the wildest eyebrow trends from past seasons. 

Feather brows


Feather brows involve parting your eyebrow down the middle and keeping the two halves in place with Vaseline. Makeup artist Stella Sironen started the trend as a joke, but like all good things on the internet, the trend quickly went viral and people began taking the look more seriously than intended. 

Dragon eyebrows


A few weeks after feather eyebrows took the Internet by storm, a new trend stepped up and took over. To achieve the ultimate dragon brow, separate your eyebrow into six little points, and fix them into place with hair gel or eyebrow glue. The finished look should resemble a dragon's spiked back. 

Brow carve

Up next we have the "brow carve," as seen on makeup artist Alexa Link. This look involves the least sculpting of the actual brow hairs, and instead frames the brow by shading around the area. Like the other trends, it's unrealistic and impractical - so of course it was a huge online hit. 


I understand that having "eyebrows on fleek" is crucial to any beauty routine, but let's move away from wild trends for now and stay focused on the understated, natural beauty looks. And if you're looking to experiment with wilder makeup routines, just know you could be featured on a future "Instagram beauty trends that need to immediately die" list.