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A Southerner’s Guide To Surviving The Midwest Winter

Being from Georgia, I never really understood cold weather until I came to Mizzou. Sure, we’ve had snow before and there was that one time I built a snowman, but need I remind you of #AtlantaSnowpocalypse earlier this year in which cars were left and stores were cleared within minutes. So, here are a few tips for the few southerners (we got to stick together) out there that need a little guidance how to deal with a Midwest winter.

Tip #1: Bring a coat.

Obvious? Probably.  Did I do it?  Nope. I was naïve to think that I could get by on oversized sweaters and pullovers that were made for style rather than practicality. In the end, I suffered (pretty sure I still have a cold from last winter). So take my advice and bring a coat, preferably one that goes down to your knees and makes you look like a walking marshmallow.  

Tip #2: Moisturize. 

Everyone gets dry skin from time to time, but in winter it’s 10 times worse. My suggestion: moisturize like your skin depends on it at least twice a day.  

Tip #3: Avoid sickness like it’s the plague.

If you feel a cold coming on, take medicine for it and if your best friend has the flu, avoid her at all costs… at least until she feels better. There is nothing worse than being sick and not being able to get better, trust me.  

Tip #4: Prepare for the worst.

No one, especially lazy people like me, want to get up in the middle of a snow storm and walk to get food or basic essentials that any person would need to live. So, I recommend keeping basic necessities in your home such as food, medicine, etc.  

Tip #5: Remember, it’s only temporary.

Winter can be kind of depressing but it’s good to keep in mind that spring is just a mere three months and some change away.  

And if none of these works for you, then move somewhere warm.  

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