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“Songs of our Childhood” Playlist

Every college students has a current favorite artist, and we hear these musicians all the time. At parties, on the TV, at the rec and the radio in our car. But how about all those old songs we used to love? These childhood throwbacks are the perfect songs to jam to at any time of the day!

1) “Genie In a Bottle” –Christina Aguilera
2) “Wannabe” –Spice Girls
3) “All Star” –Smashmouth
4) “(You Drive Me) Crazy” –Britney Spears
5) “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” –Five
6) “Larger Than Life” –Backstreet Boys
7) “I Want You Back” –N*Sync
8) “Wonderwall” –Oasis
9) “Come On Over” –Shania Twain
10) “Tearin’ Up My Heart” –N*Sync
11) “Fly” –Sugar Ray
12) “I Think I’m in Love With You” –Jessica Simpson
13) “Lose My Breath” –Destiny’s Child
14) “Bouncing off the Ceiling” –A*Teens
15) “S Club Party” –S Club 7
16) “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”-Aaron Carter
17) “I Want it That Way” –Backstreet Boys
18) “Oops I Did It Again”- Britney Spears
19) “This Kiss” –Faith Hill
20) “Tipsy” –J-Kwon

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