Some of the Funniest Moments from The Bachelor So Far

Four weeks ago, The Bachelor launched Season 22 on ABC and introduced Arie Luyendyk Jr. as their main man searching for true love in a sea of 29 women. For those of you who have been out of the loop, Arie was the runner up on The Bachelorette Season 8 in 2012 and fell madly in love with Emily Maynard before she ultimately decided to send him home and choose the other man. Ouch. Naturally, Arie has decided to come back on the reality T.V. show and give love another chance with some of the most entertaining women this franchise has ever seen. With that being said, I decided to compile some of the funniest moments that have happened so far in this first month for those of you who have yet to dive in with the rest of us. 

Week 2, Annaliese’s Bumper Car Trauma:

The first group date of the season was a demolition derby race, an ode to Arie’s past in race-car driving. In the competition, the girls were going to be driving old, run-down cars into each other until one-by-one the cars stop working and there is a last woman standing, who is declared the winner. What was supposed to be a fun activity took a very quick turn when Annaliese broke into tears recalling a “bumper car trauma” from when she was younger. The other women were understandably confused as Annaliese told a story from her childhood about getting trapped in-between bumper cars at a carnival and since then has not been able to listen to circus music. What made this story so incredible was that ABC decided to play a black-and-white reenactment that played on-screen while Annaliese told her story.

Week 2, Bibiana vs. Krystal:

One of the most classic arguments in The Bachelor franchise always stems from someone interrupting the other women when trying to talk to The Bachelor himself. Krystal, the villain of the season, decided to do just that during the second cocktail party of the season and interrupted both Lauren B. and Bibiana during their one-on-one conversations with Arie before the rose ceremony. The kicker? Krystal had already gone on a one-on-one date this week with Arie AND received a rose, which guaranteed her safety in the house for another week. This brought Bibiana to a boiling point and she decided enough was enough and let Krystal really have it. In front of the other women in the house, Bibiana told Krystal she had a lot of nerve sitting with them and just started yelling at her, throwing in phrases like “baby girl,” “my man,” and “mic drop,” to ultimately make this one of the most comedic fights on the show to date. Bibiana closed out the fight simply stating she was, “the wrong girl to talk to."

Week 3, The GLOB Date:

Coined the ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Bachelor,’ everything about this wrestling date was hilarious. It started with celebrity guest wrestlers harassing all the women, and Bibiana and Tia decided it was too much for them to handle and literally cried in a corner for half of the date. 

The rest of the date was just a really weird compilation of all the women wearing costumes and fake wrestling each other. Lauren B. and Marikh got incredibly sexual, poor Maquel was dressed in a hideous lunch lady costume, and Bekah got a little too friendly with a whip. Overall, it was absolutely hilarious. 

Week 3, Lauren S’s Tragic One-on-One Date:

After a nice day at a wine vineyard, Arie and Lauren S. sat down to get to know each other before Arie decided whether to give her the rose or not. The date immediately took a nosedive when Lauren just started to talk and never really stopped. In her confessional that played during the date, she even expressed how all over the place she was and the producers really took the opportunity to show how uninterested Arie was while she talked. The funniest part of this date was the fact that the producers just showed Arie eating and staring at his plate the entire time, which I think is the first time the audience has ever witnessed anyone actually eating on the show. (In these pictures Arie’s responses are the “Mm-hmm” and “Yeah,” capitalizing his immense disinterest). 

Week 3, Annaliese’s Dog Trauma:

Yes, this is the same Annaliese that also had a bumper car trauma. Arie revealed to the girls that their group date was going to essentially be playing with dogs in a dog competition and instead of getting excited like everyone else, Annaliese began to panic due to another traumatic experience in her past that involved a vicious dog. Once again, ABC created a black-and-white reenactment while Annaliese’s story of a dog biting her played in the background. We are sorry you almost lost your eye from this experience Annaliese, but these producers made it impossible not to laugh during your story. 

Week 3, The Cabana Fiasco:

After a week of no time spent with Arie, Bibiana decided to step it up and build a secret cabana that she could share with him before the rose ceremony. Bibiana set up a couch, telescope, and candles to create a romantic scene for them, and all seemed well and dandy. That is, until Arie stumbled across the cabana with Lauren B. before Bibiana could show it to him. If you thought that was funny, it gets better. Arie then proceeded to take every other girl to this cabana, EXCEPT FOR BIBIANA! Are you laughing yet? Poor Bibiana ended up getting sent home in this episode and had to learn a valuable lesson: do not let the producers in on your secret.

Week 4, The Pee Prank:

On an interesting group date in the woods, two wilderness guides stated that to survive in the wilderness, you needed to drink your own urine. The guides proceeded to make everyone pee in a bottle and had Arie take a healthy swig in front of all the women. Jacqueline decided to be brave and impress Arie by drinking her own pee as well. The only problem? Arie was drinking apple juice!! Luckily, Arie was able to stop her before she drank anything, but this girl was really about to drink her own pee on national T.V. Props to her, I guess. 

Week 4, Krystal vs. Tia and Caroline:

Yet another heated interaction with Krystal and other women in the house. During the group date in a hot tub, Arie decided to sit with his arm around Krystal, motivating Tia and Caroline to do the same with each other, joking around that they were also dating. Krystal later confronted the two girls that their actions hurt her feelings, but Tia was not having it. Tia clapped back at Krystal that they way she feels is the way she has made everyone else in the house feel, and that she needed to stop playing the victim. A champagne-fueled Tia let Krystal have it, before walking away and getting the rose from Arie. The whole interaction was funny because of the fake drama Krystal tried to stir up and how fast Tia shut her down. 

Week 4, Bekah’s Age and the Hoop Earring:

During their one-on-one date, the young Bekah decided to finally tell Arie how old she was. His hilarious reaction when she told him she was 22 speaks for itself.

After an intense conversation between 36-year-old Arie and 22-year-old Bekah about how boring he is and how she might not be ready for marriage, they proceeded to share THE MOST STRESSFUL KISS I have ever witnessed. Look for yourself.

In all, The Bachelor Season 22 has already taken us on a wild ride and there have only been 4 episodes. Here’s to hoping these ladies are just getting started! 

*BONUS* Here is a collage I made of the faces of all the women whenever Krystal talks. Enjoy!