Singers from Our Childhood Trying to Make It Back to Fame

When I was younger, I’d get home from school, sit on the couch and watch Disney Channel for HOURS. I also begged my parents to play Radio Disney on the staticky AM radio throughout all of our car rides. Lately I’ve been wondering what those stars I used to be so obsessed with are up to nowadays. After a bit of research, I’ve found out a lot of them are actually trying to make it back to the spotlight. Here are a few singers that I can’t wait to keep up with when they make their comebacks. P.S. For your enjoyment, and mine, I’m only including throwback pictures of them.

Jesse McCartney

Jesse has kept semi-in the spotlight by voicing Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks and other acting stints, but now he’s trying to make it back to the singing stage. He’s even coming to perform at Mizzou on May 3. He recently released a single “Better With You.” I must say, the music video is pretty cute, and the song is pretty catchy. It’s no “Leavin’” or “Beautiful Soul,” but I think he’s on his way.


I still blast “Too Little Too Late” at least once a week. I used to listen to JoJo all the time when I was younger just to pretend I could hit all her high notes. She’s tried to stay in the charts, but bad record deals and even a lawsuit against her labels for "irreparable damages to her professional career” set her back. But last year, she signed with a new record company and even went on tour (including a stop at Mizzou as well). Wishing only the best to her on her come up.

Aly & AJ

My sister and I always thought we’d be in a sister duo one day. We both have the initials AJ, my name is Alex, so technically, my sister and I could have used Aly & AJ for our group name. When the duo briefly became 78violet, we could’ve had our chance, but probably for the better, their back to their original name with new music and a new vibe. They released their new EP at the end of last year, and they’re going on tour this year for it. Unfortunately, none near mid-Missouri, but I’d definitely travel if I got to hear Chemicals React live.

Drake Bell

Honestly, I don’t know any songs of his besides the Drake & Josh theme song (Drake is on the left, Josh on the right. If you didn’t know that, I’m sad for you). For some reason, that was my mom’s favorite song for probably a year of my childhood. After looking him up a bit, I found out he’s released multiple records. He posted a picture of his broken wrist in 2015, saying he’d never be able to play again, but he’s back with a new album and a few features on other singles. I feel like I’ve actually been hearing about him a lot more lately; maybe that nudes leak was actually a marketing tactic...(for all my conspiracy lovers)

Aaron Carter

I don’t think Aaron Carter will ever lose his “household name” status. My whole family knows every word to “Aaron’s Party” to this day. You’ve probably seen him in the news, but if you haven’t, he’s gone through multiple arrests, health issues and personal traumas over the years. But throughout it all, he’s been releasing music here and there, and he even released an album this year. I haven’t listened yet, but I’d like to see if anything couple top his second album.

Ashley Tisdale

I used to get her and Britney Spears confused when I was a kid; both blonde, nasally voiced superstars making catchy hits for me to blast on my CD-player. Her debut album, “Headstrong,” was on repeat on that thing. She transitioned to mostly acting work after her second album, but now she’s adding singing back to her routine. She frequently puts up cover videos with her husband and/or guest stars on YouTube, and she’s said to be working on her third album. If you can’t wait until then for the throwback vibes, watch her cover with Vanessa Hudgens; I think I smiled the whole time.

David Archuleta

I really don’t think he ever ages. A few weeks ago, I saw a video of him singing “Crush” at a recent concert, and I had so many feelings. The song came out 10 years ago, and though I don’t know if he’s necessarily considered a star from our childhood, but I was still a child when he got the golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol. His sixth studio album was released at the end of 2017, and he’s currently on tour, set to come to the U.S within the year. So.... anyone want to go?

The Pussycat Dolls

We’ll end this remembering of throwbacks on a note of anticipation. I was 8 years old, singing “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls like I was performing in front of tons of jealous exs. Now, I might actually get to sing new songs by the iconic group when they actually make sense for me. In October 2017, an official website launched along with an Instagram post on an official “pussycat dolls” account. Recently a member of the group, Kimberly Wyatt, confirmed on a Comedy Central UK show that THE Pussycat Dolls with reunite by the end of the year and hope to tour in 2019. This better not be a rumor, because I NEED this girl power back in my life.