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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

These items have been red-hot in and around Mizzou these past couple weeks, and here at Her Campus, we think they are key to a beautiful September day.                     

Pumpkin Spice Latte and/or Hot Tea                                                           
This seems like a no-brainer for most people, but the Pumpkin Spice Latte is without a doubt a must-have. The taste of hot pumpkin pie truly adds to the excitement of the arrival of the fall season. Good thing there are two Starbucks within walking distance of campus, right? But, if Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren’t your drink of choice, hot tea is always in season. Any type of caffeinated tea will give you a boost of energy and keep you warm on these cools days. And the beautiful thing about tea is that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for extra calories and fat. Tea has no fat or calorie content, so your waistline will appreciate your choice – it’s the best of both worlds!                  

Lily and Laura Bracelets
These designer goodies have been spotted all over campus. Lily and Laura bracelets are fair trade beaded bracelets that are handmade by women in Nepal. They are so simple; yet add so much to any outfit. There are a rainbow of colors and many designs to choose from for any occasion. And go ahead a stack of ‘em. The more of these colorful bangles you have on, the better! They can be purchased at Swank and Ellie’s Couture in downtown Columbia, as well as online.


Monogrammed Necklaces
Monogram necklaces have also been skyrocketing in popularity around campus. Showing off your initials has become quite the trend here at Mizzou. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing these silver and gold pendants around their necks, and it looks like we are catching on pretty quickly here at Mizzou. They are so delicate yet sophisticated looking, and can dress up any outfit. Pair this necklace with the Lily and Laura bracelets for a perfect combination!

Cardigan Sweaters
Yes, the cardigan is back…again. Did it ever leave? These are absolutely perfect for the fall weather that is descending upon us. We don’t need that thick winter jacket yet, nor can we strut around in tanks anymore, so this added layer of protection is just enough. Cardigans can dress any outfit up, and there are so many different colors and designs to choose from. Go cardigan crazy!


Buzz Feed                                                                              
This website has captured the hearts of many around campus. Many nights of studying have been delayed by this completely hilarious website, but I’m not complaining. The site has so many     unusual but hilarious blogs like, “24 things you haven’t considered, but probably should,” to funny picture editorials like “happiness in 26 photos.” The blogs ideas they come up with are so unthinkable that you just want to keep reading through them, so self-control is needed. Click with caution.  


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Allison Goldberg is a junior at the University of Missouri double majoring in strategic communication journalism with an emphasis in PR and marketing and psychology. In Columbia, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha women's fraternity executive council and is a Rent the Runway campus rep. During her spare time you can find her shopping, spending time with her friends and family, running outside or reading a fashion magazine. Allison has interned at a social media firm, BCV Evolve in Chicago for the past two summers. She hopes to work for a fashion PR firm in Chicago or New York when she graduates and eventually travel to South America.